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    TX AG Greg Abbott: FOX News Interview on Border Security

    Reaction to gunfire into El Paso City Hall from Mexico.

    Letter to White House...
    How many troops?
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    Mexican troop incursions into our country, shots fired over an international border and this moron says "Its something we have to work out with mexico if we want our troops to shoot back"

    I'm just sitting here beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out.

    Any other country on earth would consider any number of things mexico has done as an act of war.

    We are just sitting here sucking it up , WHAT ON EARTH IS THE PROBLEM

    The military's main purpose is TO PROTECT THE BORDERS OF THIS COUNTRY, In this case I would think posse comitatus would not apply , Am I right
    This is not a case of a police action against the citizens of this country but repelling A FOREIGN INVASION.

    If our military cannot protect the borders of this country from invasion , then why do we need them?

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