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    VIDEO: Illegals caught stealing get deported in San Diego.

    Maybe San Diego is starting to drop those sanctuary policies! Keep the pressure on Mayor Sanders and Chief Lansdowne! Enrique and Klaudia (illegal alien activists) have become irrelevant and lost their credibility due to their constant lying. They have been exposed for their activities on behalf of foreign governments! They are nothing but anti-American rebels.

    Thank you SDPD, ICE, and Border Patrol! Thank you for enforcing laws and protecting the public, especially the vulnerable evacuees from the devastating fires! Keep it up!

    Video from Spanish News;id=9979 Audio and text from KPBS

    San Diego Police officials say they detained eight undocumented immigrants today after the suspects allegedly stole emergency supplies for evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium. KPBS reporter Amita Sharma has more.

    Authorities say evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium told police they noticed a group of people loading supplies onto a truck and driving away. San Diego Police Spokeswoman Monica Munoz says witnesses saw the group return three times to pick up supplies.

    Munoz: What they were doing was taking those supplies and selling them so what we did was detain those individuals and spoke to them and they told us they were undocumented and what exactly they were doing so we turned them over to the Border Patrol.

    Munoz says four of the eight people taken into custody were released. She said she did not know where the group resold the items, nor to whom.

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    THESE are the people we want coming to America? Apparently, the Democraps do.
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    This is appalling. These people are simply so greedy that they will do anything to get their hands on money. What next, grave-robbing?
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    If they want to catch a fly they need honey, catch a stay dog put out a steak, catch a low life that just takes and takes and takes have a devastating disaster
    They will come running

    I heard a report from a trucker this am about more taking of things by the criminal immigrants from homes that where on fire
    the guys said he had pictures and that the home owners where crying and couldn’t stop these men they called the cops and they said they weren’t dealing with criminal immigrants right now… I got pretty mad when they played that part over the scanner ....

    I radio back and they said they would post the pictures later but i haven’t found them yet...

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