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    What will they think of next?Automatic License Plate Recogni

    Automatic License Plate Recognition

    The security state bonanza

    This is not just an Oklahoma issue.

    The technology is already deployed all over the US and Canada.

    "(The system automatically) compares license plate to a database of wanted criminals...and persons of interest."

    "Person of interest" could mean anybody.

    Of course, all that a professional criminal or serious mayhem maker needs to do to evade this system is use a "clean" car or take a taxi.

    Here's a massive surveillance system I can almost
    guarantee you've never heard of.

    No it's not the N SA.

    It's the dream of every money-grubbing locality
    - and we know how many of those there are.

    Does it have a legitimate law enforcement use?

    Sure, but that's not why states and communities
    are salivating over this. The idea is to turn passing
    traffic into an endless and ever-expanding
    money stream.



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    I've read about this type of license plate recognition system before and think it's wonderful. A single patrol car can find more stolen cars, more improperly registered cars, etc.

    These special cameras should also be mounted on every road coming into the country, every road into a major city. I suspect they already are at the border and in NY, NY.

    No doubt, it's a money maker for any city or county. I applaud their use. Let them be employed and fines levied on the law breaker, the illegal, the

    I've asked our county commissioners to get a system for the sheriff.

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    I think this is a GREAT're clean = you have nothing to be worried about....
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    For all those who think it is okay and it is for the safety of others yadayada yada.......think again..Your freedoms are being taken away and you want to go to the slaughter gladly they want your property and privacy rights and you have no say when do you think enough will be enough???? ...Time to wake up and smell the roses..listen to Judge Napolitano...

    Judge Napolitano Talks about the Escalating Tyranny in America


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    License plate readers find lots of stolen cars, people with want and warrants, etc.

    License plate readers help police and Border Patrol
    Dec 25, 2010

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    Oh really and do ya think they will not use this against every American they want??? You all know how well they use these type of things on illegals and will be another case and study for them..oh and lets not forget a money stream as well...

    ""Person of interest" could mean anybody. ""

    Enjoy your freedom you don't have very many of them left....comrade.


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