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Thread: To You White, Racist Liberals. What in the world is the left going to do?

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    To You White, Racist Liberals. What in the world is the left going to do?

    Candace Owens

    What in the world is the left going to do? There are so many “uppity blacks” popping up, every single day.

    This video is entitled “To You White, Racist Liberals.


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    He is 100% spot on. Get him on the stage with Trump, Diamond & Silk.

    Illegal immigration, allowing 1,000,000 to come legally ever year and GIVE them citizenship, then millions more through the BOGUS asylum, refugee, TPS policies and keeping our minorities down and the Democrats keep them in poverty.

    Millions more pouring over our border with no papers, no vetting, no money, breeding in poverty, full of diseases, pregnant, and a host of medical problems we are forced to pay for. We do not need it and we do not want it!

    Billions of our tax dollars spent on foreigners who have no right to come here and the American people have the RIGHT to shut it all down.

    Billions of dollars of OUR money out of our paychecks that should be spent on cleaning up our inner cities, schools, teachers raises, roads, hospitals, water system, sewer system, electrical grids, affordable housing and health insurance.

    We are full up, we are fed, up, we are 22 trillion in debt. These foreigners are overwhelming our schools, housing, social service programs, courts, jails, prisons, roads, healthcare system.

    10 year moratorium on all immigration...they can go dump themselves on some other country OR stay home and solve their own damn problems INCLUDING getting on birth control.


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