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    "ProEnglish" Urge Congress to co-sponsor H.R.5971

    Urge your Congressman to co-sponsor H.R. 5971!

    Did you know that local jurisdictions in 31 states are being forced to print ballots in languages other than English, even though English is required for naturalization?

    U.S. Congressman Dean Heller (R-NV) wants to stop this. But he needs your help to succeed.

    He has introduced The American Elections Act, H.R. 5971, to specify that ballots for federal elections can be printed ONLY IN ENGLISH, except in jurisdictions where translations of Native American or Alaska Native dialects are provided under current law.

    H.R. 5971 is vital to restoring linguistic unity in our federal election system, and stopping the division of our country by language. Nearly 50 years ago, Congress first allowed Spanish language ballots to be provided for naturalized, American-educated Puerto Rican citizens. Since then, the federal mandate to print ballots in other languages has grown to include 292 counties and numerous foreign languages. Unless something is done, those numbers will grow.

    According to an August 2007 poll, 74 percent of voters agree that “All election ballots and other government documents should be printed in English.â€
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    good idea

    I lived in Korea for 8 years. If a person wants to become a Korean citizen, they must take the citizenship exam IN KOREAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they must show that they are not only fluent in Korean language, but culture as well. Part of the test includes Korean history. Most foreigners fail it several times before they pass.

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