Came across a list of penalties for employers of illegals that other countries have on their books.

Most other contries penalize employers for hiring illegals. US is weak on this.

Agentina - 50 times minimum annual salary for each violation

Austrailia May include two years imprisonment and fine of AUD13,200-66,000 per offense. Future sponsorship closely examined

Austria - 1,000 - 20,000 euro per offense

Belgium - 3750-12500 euro or if determined criminal, 15000 - 75000 euro and possible imprisonment

Brazil - 2284 BRL first offense, 5 x 2284 BRL each additional offense

Canada - up to $50,000 CAD and/or imprisonment up to 2 years

Chile - $16-882 per violation. Employer may be deported and/or imprisoned

China - 500 RMB per day plus up to 50,000 RMB. Employer violations announced in media limiting future operation

Colombia - One month to 15 months salary per offense

Costa Rica From two to twelve times base salary

Czech Republic - fine up to CZK 2,000,000.

France - five years imprisonment and fine of 15,000 euro per offense. False application 3,000 euro and one year in prison. Corporate dissolution, loss of government contracts. Fortunately, no guillotine.

Germany - fine up to 500,000 euro and imprisonment up to 3 years.

Hong Kong - fine up to HK $350,000 and imprisonment up to 3 years

Indonesia - 1 - 4 years in prison and/or fine of Rp 100,000,000 - 400,000,000

Ireland - fine up to 50,000 euro and imprisonef up to 5 years

Israel - Company name published, fine of at least NIS 25,000 each offense. Revocation of all foreign (legal or not) employees visas revoked. Corporate officers subhect to fines and imprisonment.

Italy - fines up to 15,000 euro and imprisonment up to 12 years per case

Japan - fines up to 3,000,000 JPY.

Korea - Imprisonment up to 3 years or fine up to 20,000,000 Won.

Malaysia - fine between 10,000 and 50,000 RM and/or imprisonment up to 1 year for each offense. Whipping in some cases.

Mexico - Up to 1000 times minimum wage. Future immigration applications may be delayed

Netherlands - Fined 8,000 euro. if violation on client site, client subject to fine as well.

New Zealand - fine up to 50,000 NZD.

Papua New Guinea - fine up to 20,000 K. Employer may be blacklisted from foreign worker sponsorship

Peru - fine from 5 to 20 UIT

Singapore - fine up to $30,000 S and/or imprisonment up to 1 year.

South Africa - fine and imprisonment up to 4 years.

Spain - fines from 6,000 - 60,000 euro per employee. Future work permit applications jeopardized.

Sweden - fines of up to 41,000 SEK and imprisonment up to 1 year.

Switzerland - fines and imprisonment up to 5 years. Re-imbursement to the Swiss state for deportation expenses.

Taiwan - fines from $150,000 to $1,200,000 NT and/or imprisonment up to 3 years.

Thailand - fines up to 100,000 THB

United Kingdom - Fines up to 10,000 euro per incident. Stripped of ability to obtain work permits. All permit holders dismissed within 60 days.

Venezuela - Up to $10000 fine. Possible imprisonment for four to eight years. May be restricted from hiring future foreign nationals.

Vietnam - fines up to $2,000 per non-compliance.

Hope it is helpful.