This POLL Originally submitted by MinutemanCDC_SC

Is Barack Hussein Obama II the prophesied antichrist, Satan incarnate?

  • Absolutely not! I don't believe there is an Obama.

  • No, of course not. There's no such thing as Satan or the devil or the antichrist. He's your daddy.

  • No way. Sure, the devil is wreaking havoc in Washington, D.C., but Obama the antichrist? Get real.

  • No. Barack Obama doesn't fit the profile. Atomic Ahmadinejad, maybe. Obama, not so much.

  • I don't think so. The antichrist is supposed to come from the south of Israel, like the Sudan, or the Sinai, maybe? But Barack Obama isn't Sudanese, he's a Luo, and he comes from Mombasa, Kenya, or Honolulu, or Chicago, or British Columbia, or Cuba, or Indonesia, or wherever hippie mama Stanley Ann was hanging.

  • I can't see it. Barack Obama is a liar, a deceiver, a conman, a murderer, and a thief on the grandest scale ever, defrauding Americans out of paradise, their homes and their native land. But IMHO, that doesn't make him the antichrist, I don't think.

  • I just don't know. But if he's not the antichrist, he's certainly the anti-President and the Criminal-'n'-Thief.

  • There's something creepy sinister about that guy. But I don't know if I'd label him the spawn of Satan, or the antichrist, or the pseudo-messiah, or the devil in the form of a man. Maybe...

  • He has all the characteristics, except maybe the supernatural part. But how does "666" fit "BHO", even spelled in Hebrew?

  • I'd rather not think about it, but if I did have to think about it... I still wouldn't want to think about it. Too scary.

  • He does fit the prophecy. But then, so did Cæsar Nero, Domitian, Napoleon, Hitler, Kissinger, and my mother-in-law. What makes Barack Obama the antichrist rather than, say, Vladimir Putin, or George Soros?

  • He may indeed be the antichrist. My dog barks at him whenever he is on TV or on the radio. But until he establishes the seven year covenant of peace between Israel and the Ummah, the nation of Is|am, in exchange for dividing up the Holy Land, how can anyone know?

  • Barack Obama probably is the antichrist. Jesus did say, "You shall know them by their fruits," and look at the wreckage this man has wrought in just 3½ years.

  • He has to be the antichrist. How else could anyone deceive the masses of U.S. voters into voting for him, a man with no portfolio, no creds, not even a birth certificate - only a computer image on the Internet of an incredibly poorly fabricated forgery of a COLB - and whose main recommendations were from Oprah, Elijah Muhammed of the Nation of Is|am, Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, and Madame Comrade Nancy Pelosi of Never-never-land?

  • Barack Obama is the antichrist, for all that any human being can tell. He fulfills 12 of 19 Bible prophecies about "the man of lawlessness," and the remaining 7 can only be fulfilled after Y'shua ha'Mashiach, the Lord Jesus Christ, catches up or snatches away the Christians, and the tribulation begins.

  • Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and rescue us from this monster, lest he destroy us.