POLL: growing numbers of Hispanics are Becoming Weary of the Democratic Party’s Mass Migration Agenda

Jose Nino | Aug 7, 2022

According to a recent poll conducted by Axios/Ipsos, a growing number of Hispanics are starting to disagree with the Democratic Party’s open borders agenda.
A slight majority (51%) believe it’s more important to “help immigrants escape poverty and violence in their home countries and find success here”, than “it is to secure America’s borders and help American citizens.” By contrast, 43% of Hispanic voters believe in the latter point of securing the border.

The preference to assist immigrants flee poverty and violence is largely expressed by Hispanics of Central American origin and first-generation Hispanics. For example, Hispanic Americans of Central American origin largely favor 73.4% to 18.5% provide assistance to migrants. Hispanic Americans ages 18-29 favor 60.4% to 34.2%
Among second-generation or third-generation Hispanics are more evenly divided. The numbers for ages 30-49 break down to 51.9% to 42%, while Hispanic Americans ages 50-64 are more concerned with securing the border at a margin of 48.1% to 47.2%.

Hispanic Americans ages 65 and older overwhelmingly favor securing the border to the tune of 56.5% to 34.5%
As for national origins, Cuban Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of securing the border. Cuban Americans prioritize border security to the tune 58.2% to 38.7%. Other Spanish-speaking nationalities prioritize border security 51.6% to 44.1%. Similarly, Hispanic Americans of Puerto Rican origin want the government to tackle border security by a margin of 49.8% to 45.1%.

Overall, there is a growing segment of America’s Hispanic population that’s not down with open borders. Contrary to popular belief, many Hispanics care about issues outside of immigration.

Many Hispanics are of working class economic status and see the effects of mass migration firsthand. Namely, depressed wages and labor displacement.
That will undoubtedly make them hesitant about supporting mass migration. Moreover, there are significant numbers of Hispanics who aren’t into ethnic pandering or are part of the emerging Hispanic “conquistador” oligarchy who is addicted to cheap labor and wants to transform the US into a de facto latifundia, just like the countries they and their families hail from.

America First must stress the importance of border security and restricting both legal and illegal immigration. In doing so, they may paradoxically pick up a significant amount of Hispanic votes. Not all Hispanics are enthusiastic boosters of mass migration.

POLL: growing numbers of Hispanics are Becoming Weary of the Democratic Party’s Mass Migration Agenda - Big League Politics