[Watch] $2,200 Power Bills – EPA’s McCarthy Promised Cost of Killing Coal Equal To a Gallon of Milk

Posted on 28 June, 2014 by Rick Wells

Last month when EPA Chief Gina McCarthy announced the death blow in their war on coal, she made the unbelievable claim that removing thirty percent of America’s energy capacity would have the financial impact of costing Americans the equivalent of one gallon of milk per month. That’s around five dollars.

Industry experts predict an over 400 percent increase in electric rates, so, unless one is currently paying about $1,800 per gallon for their milk, what she’s feeding us comes from the other gender of bovine.

Bob Murray of Murray Energy recently appeared as a guest of Neil Cavuto on Fox and said that electricity rates will double in America by 2017. He also predicted the cost per kilowatt under the new EPA scheme would ultimately run about .22 cents, up from the current .04 cents for coal generated power.
That would mean an electricity bill of $400 per month could increase to approximately $2,250 per month. Exactly how much each of us is ultimately impacted will depend upon a variety of factors, but with a minimum of doubling, how will people and businesses be able to afford it?
That’s a lot more than the advertised gallon of milk EPA estimate and hard to pay when your employer is forced out of business because of his own skyrocketing energy costs.

By the time the consequences are felt, these charlatans will be long gone and probably in hiding somewhere. America will be stuck with a shattered economy, a broken country, and no manufacturing or energy capacity through which to generate a recovery.
Elections have consequences, and sometimes they are irreversible.

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