[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Beginning of Reverse Crusade, Obama an Inept Paper Tiger

Posted on 21 June, 2014 by Rick Wells

Following up on her earlier warning to be very afraid, Judge Jeanine Pirro gives us a little more cause for concern, which originates at the highest levels of our governmental institutions.

She points out how the failures of the Obama regime to secure our nation and to complete the mission started under his predecessor have increased the threats to all Americans.
She highlights a lack of trust in Obama’s “leadership” among the American people as well as calling Obama ill prepared for the very dangerous game he is playing.
Judge Jeanine doesn’t comment on the very possible alternative view that all of this is being orchestrated under the guise of a bumbling idiot, as a way of deceiving the American people.

Obama’s actions are simply too outrageous to be merely the result of executive ignorance or ineptitude, in he opinions of many.

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