[Watch] Judge Jeanine Pirro – Veterans Left To Die, The VA is a Full Blown Scandal

Posted on 17 May, 2014 by Rick Wells

Judge Jeanine Pirro relates to the pain the families of veterans must feel when the treatment they were promised never comes or comes too late. She describes the Veterans Administration as a “hotbed of corruption, and provides her evidence.
She cites the falsification of records by the VA as well as overwhelming financial irresponsibility. While the budget increase was disproportionately larger than the number of veterans, the level of care doesn’t reflect increased spending.
She exposes the deceptive wait lists as well as other offenses against those who fought for our freedom, who are now just discarded like a used tissue.

It’s more misdirection and and withholding of damaging information from the Obama regime, in the manner we have all unfortunately become quite familiar with.
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