But, they are just sooo smart and clever....Public schools seem to have have become a pit of liberalism and condoned racism. JMO

‘Disgusting’: Parents Upset Over This Student-Produced ‘Sh*t White People Say’ Video

May. 29, 2015 4:54pm
Mike Opelka

A 2012 viral video titled, “Sh*t White Girls Say…to Black Girls,” appears to have inspired students at Bedford High School in Massachusetts to create a video some students and parents are calling “disgusting” and “very hurtful.”

In the original, a black woman sporting a blonde wig is seen mocking how “white people” interact with black people. The January 2012 video has been seen more than 11 million times and inspired many knock-offs and Internet memes.

Image source: YouTube

The new video, produced by Bedford High School students and broadcast to the entire school during morning announcements, titled, “Sh*t White People Say (BHS Edition),” mirrors the original with a black female student wearing a blonde wig reminding white people not to touch black people’s hair and to remember that not all black people look alike.

Image source: YouTube

After the video aired, BHS parent Bob Marshall claims his daughter was upset by the video. Marshall contacted the school for an explanation and was told the video’s intention was to start a discussion between students on the topic of race relations.

John Sills, the school’s superintendent spoke with Boston’s FOX 25 news, admitting the video was aired without any faculty oversight.

The education watchdog web site EAGNews.org has a problem with the superintendent’s claim that nobody knew what was in the video. EAGNews states, “That seems a little hard to believe, given that three adults participated in the production.”
Parents were also sent a note by the school’s principal, explaining new policies are being developed for monitoring student-created video content.

On Wednesday, the school also held a meeting, hosted by students and attended by approximately 150 students and faculty. The video and reactions to it were discussed.

According to the report, no disciplinary action is pending against faculty members or the students responsible for the video.
Watch the video as it was seen by the Bedford High School students:

The local Fox TV affiliate also covered the story.


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