‘Fake electors’ case in Michigan tied to special counsel Jack Smith’s effort to jail Trump over Jan. 6 false flag

07/23/2023 // JD Heyes // 1.2K Views

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A new report posted this week draws some parallels between a case in Michigan against 16 older residents listed as "fake electors" in 2020 and special counsel Jack Smith's ongoing 'criminal' investigation into the Jan. 6 false flag riot and how it all ties into keeping Donald Trump out of the White House by putting him in prison.
Earlier this week, Dana Nessel, "the radically anti-Trump Michigan Attorney General brought conspiracy charges against 16 'grandparents' for serving as 'alternate electors' in the contentious 2020 election," Revolver News reported. "The truly concerning aspect of these charges isn’t merely the idea that [Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen] Whitmer and her crew aim to imprison these older adults indefinitely."

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2:35 AM · Jul 19, 2023

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Jul 18, 2023


John Podesta, role playing Joe Biden in Transition Integrity Project's summer 2020 simulation to ensure a Biden presidency even if Trump won the election, openly plotted sending a separate elector slate -- the same thing DOJ just indicted Trump electors for considering doing

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3. Thread highlights on John Podesta and the Transition Integrity Project (TIP):https://twitter.com/FFO_Freedom/stat...2359731068928…

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More here. It's 100x worse than anything the DOJ is alleging the Trump faction did

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10. Incredibly, TIP, which shared the same explicit aims and many overlapping members with NTFEC, premeditated a scenario in summer 2020 in which the Biden team would provoke a constitutional crisis on January 6 if Biden lost the election:

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"You can’t make this up — Podesta & Co. planned the test runs of their shenanigans for Michigan," Revolver News added.
This situation exemplifies the troubling realities of our two-tier "justice" system, which has clearly been compromised and weaponized in favor of Democrats, and they are now openly wielding it in a hostile manner as a potent tool to manipulate elections in their favor, leading to unprecedented interference in the democratic process.
It's also obvious that the current regime is willing to sacrifice innocent elderly American citizens' lives to maintain their hold on power.
These sham trials and misuse of the justice system are causing deep and lasting wounds in our nation.
"Our country is imploding, thanks to a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats, both elected and unelected, who are terrified of an 'outsider' reclaiming power. Our government is in a state of disrepair, possibly beyond hope," Revolver News noted in conclusion.
Americans have got to wake up. We can't simply let the clearly weaponized government invent crimes against Donald Trump and then railroad him into prison thanks to a hyperpartisan DC jury, which is what is being planned -- and all in the months before the 2024 election, leaving no viable Republican candidate to stand against a brain-damaged Joe Biden.
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‘Fake electors’ case in Michigan tied to special counsel Jack Smith’s effort to jail Trump over Jan. 6 false flag – NaturalNews.com