“The End of COVID” producers discuss the pseudoscience of modern virology and why COVID-19 was such a fraud

02/14/2024 // Belle Carter // 3.6K Views

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Brighteon Univesity (BrightU ) is set to launch a documentary series titled "The End of COVID," a once-in-a-lifetime compilation of 100 hours of extensive content that delves into the intricate plans involving the "creation" of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) aimed at total human control and domination over the last three years and even decades before it.
The collection exposes pandemics as a theater. The modules are going to be available on BrightU from February 10, 12:00 p.m. EST to February 22, 12:00 p.m. EST.
To discuss the up-and-coming docu-series, producers of the show, Alec Zeck and Mike Winner, appeared on the recent "Health Ranger Report" with Brighteon founder Mike Adams. The trio started with a discussion of why the series was titled as such. "We wanted to use language that was accessible to a broad audience. And the "End of COVID" is almost a misnomer because the reality is it never actually began in the first place," Zeck said. "It was all a big show and there was no evidence of any material threat whatsoever. And that's what we cover throughout the series of over 90 pieces of original educational content and 11 modules, educating everyone on all the details that you could need to know related to not only COVID but the pandemic industrial complex in general."
According to him, the pandemic industrial complex is the most appropriate way to refer to what happened, especially with the sophisticated sequencing technologies that they have in viral genomes and genetics, the film creator said. "But again, the 'End of COVID' is a misnomer and also a Trojan horse, and it's to educate the masses on how we've been misled regarding what causes illness and what produces health," he stated.
He went on to explain that over the last few years, there was no evidence whatsoever that there was a sub-microscopic, pathogenic particle being transmitted, or contagiously passed from person to person. According to him, they did their due diligence in breaking through the cognitive dissonance themselves to understand the questions surrounding what causes the phenomenon of two or more people getting sick. He emphasized that there is absolutely zero legitimate empirical evidence for the entirety of the field of virology. "Viruses have never been established to exist nor have they been established to cause any disease," he argued.
Winner jumped in to further point out the significance of this compilation to the public. "This is beyond important because this is an underlying paradigm shift. We're going into the 21st century beyond reductionist materialism and all that it's sort of funneled us in through the institutions of scientism, which is the belief of today," the co-producer stated. At this point, Adams brought up how fearmongering has played a lot of roles in the proliferation of belief in their "science." To which Winner answered with: "It's remarkable if you're ignorant to the state and modernity we are in. We are at a time where we have lost touch with who and what we are or where we inhabit, how nature works, how we work with nature, and our divine right as co-creators on this planet. We are in an exciting time where we get to question everything because the actual infrastructure of scientism, not true science, is fracturing and falling apart, thanks in large part to COVID," he explained.
The young creators of the documentary also assured the listeners that it would be compelling to many people, including medical professionals because it all rests on the foundational acceptance by both mainstream and a lot of alternative doctors that viruses exist as pathogenic disease-causing agents. "We could spin our wheels forever arguing on the efficacy and safety of masking, social distancing, the experimental vaccines or any other vaccines aside from COVID," Zeck said, saying that this is extensively covered in the series. "We have a whole session just on PCR and viral genomics, on virology about the scientific method. Sort of painting it against the scientific methods showing that it is fundamentally by definition, pseudoscience," he further said. (Related: Dr. Paul Elias Alexander: COVID-19 is a “government Deep State, PCR-manufactured fraud.”)
The coronavirus may not be the sole cause of patients losing sense of smell and taste; other factors may be involved

At one point in the show, the three talked about one unique symptom of COVID-19, which was losing sense of taste and smell, which caused a lot of people anxiety and fear. For Zeck, there are a lot of factors that may have caused this to happen to a lot of people during the peak of the pandemic and it's all on the understanding that health is unique to each individual.
"There could be some psychosomatic-related stuff there… There's also zinc deficiency. And then we also have the reality that we're swimming in a field of non-native electromagnetic fields, and that could mess with all our olfactory functions and cause us to have some weird stuff going on with taste and smell," he said, adding that people live in a world of intersecting electromagnetic fields, with our bodies having their own electromagnetic fields as well. "The point is, if you're claiming that X causes Y, then you need direct proof that X causes Y, you can't then point to Y absent of ever establishing a causal relationship with X, and then claim that as proof of X."
Adams also shared his own theory as to why people lost their sense of smell and taste during that time. He said that the people he knew did not experience them until after the vaccines started being administered in the population at large. "My theory is the so-called vaccines contain mRNA technology that hijacks the body's cells to produce chemical weapon molecules that were being shed from those people's bodies and then causing chemical poisoning of other people around them. And that could explain some of the symptoms, especially the neurological symptoms," he shared.
Winner, meanwhile, said that there was a full epidemic of COVID-like symptoms on the southern Oregon coast following a huge installment of new cellular towers. This could have caused the symptoms and a lot of other factors, he added.
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Watch the full episode of the "Health Ranger Report" with Mike Adams featuring Alec Zeck and Mike Winner below.

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