“Kill Trump, Hang Him, Hunt Him” Facebook Page Doesn’t Violate Facebook Community Standards

Posted on April 24, 2018
by Paul Joseph Watson

Social media giant’s double standards exposed yet again

A Facebook page entitled “Kill Trump, Hang Him, Hunt Him” that was reported to the social media giant did not violate its community standards, emphasizing once again the double standard between left-wing and conservative content.

A screenshot of the report was posted by comedian Owen Benjamin, who was banned earlier this month for making a joke about gun control activist David Hogg.

The page that advocated murdering Trump was reported for “hate speech,” but after investigating, Facebook said the content did not violate their community standards.

Facebook’s failure to remove the page illustrates yet again how the company is behaving in a partisan manner.

Facebook routinely removes content and pages that criticize Islam, feminism and the left in general. Earlier this month, the company had to apologize for removing the right-wing Voice of Europe page.

Facebook has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks, attention that culminated in Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in front of a United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation committee regarding the usage of personal data by Facebook.

During that testimony, Zuckerberg was asked about the social media giant’s censorship of conservative commentators like Diamond & Silk, although he denied the company had any partisan political agenda.

Congressman Steve Scalise also asked the Facebook founder about an algorithm change that demoted conservative content on Facebook.

According to a study by the Western Journal, conservative pages have lost an average of 14% of their traffic since early February, with left-wing sites not being hit with the same decrease.

Paul Joseph Watson

Scalise asks Zuckerberg is there was an algorithm chance that demoted conservative content on Facebook.

Conservative pages have lost huge traffic since February compared to leftist pages that were not hit.

Zuckerberg denies.

He's lying of course, because he's not under oath.
12:15 PM - Apr 11, 2018