“They Kill Bees Don’t They?” Obama signs So-Called “Monsanto Protection Act” – Gives Monsanto “Immunity from Federal Courts”

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 22:30

The Law allows Monstanto to plant experimental GMO crops even if they pose an extreme risk to human and environmental health.

the Monsanto Protection Act is the name given to what’s known as a legislative rider that was inserted into the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill, “allowing it to sneak through” the Senate.
Using the deceptive title of Farmer Assurance Provision, Sec. 735 of this bill actually grants Monsanto immunity from federal courts pending the review of any GM crop that is thought to be dangerous.
Under this section, courts would be helpless to stop Monsanto from continuing to plant GM crops that even the US government considered to be a danger to health or the environment.

It is a lobbyist-created recurring nuisance that has been squashed in previous legislation thanks to outcry from not only grassroots but major organizations. Last time we saw The Center for Food Safety, the National Family Farm Coalition, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Sierra Club, and the Union of Concerned Scientists all come out against the Monsanto Protection Act from the 2012 Farm Bill.

"They Kill Bees Don't They?" Obama signs So-Called "Monsanto Protection Act" - Gives Monsanto "Immunity from Federal Courts” | Agriculture