“Vaccinating” the food supply is how Bill Gates and other globalists plan to force-jab even the unvaccinated

Monday, January 09, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) According to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, animals that humans eat have inadequate genetics. And the only way to “fix” those genetics is to “vaccinate” said animals with new mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccines.”
Watch below as Gates explains his desires for the animal kingdom:

Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis
Bill Gates wants to ‘vaccinate’ animals to give them better genetics

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3:24 AM · Jan 3, 2023

Unless all animals, including food animals, are jabbed with Big Pharma’s latest poisons, the food supply will remain “dirty,” in Gates’ view. Only he and his globalist minions can “sanitize” it with new chemicals and DNA modification techniques – which they are also trying to do to humans.
“The Gates Foundation is partnered with DFID on a great number of things, and among those are work we do together on livestock,” Gates stated, referring to the United Kingdom-based Department for International Development.
“Helping animals survive, either by having vaccines or better genetics, helping them be more productive – it’s making a big difference.” (Related: Bill Gates lives to vaccinate.)
Covid-jabbed animal foods to hit the market this year, compliments of Bill Gates

As he usually does, Gates started all this by experimenting on the third world. Since Gates views poor people as having less value than himself, they get to be the guinea pigs for all of his newfangled endeavors to change the entire world into his own image.
“I was down in Ethiopia seeing how chickens are out there laying more eggs, getting more nutrition, and even some small savings into the household,” Gates bragged.
The question remains, though: are those eggs actually safe? Or do they contain the very same mRNA modifications that occur in humans after getting injected for “covid?”
It turns out that the plan is to administer covid jabs to domestic livestock in the coming year, compliments of Gates and his cronies. What will these injections do to the food that is produced and sold to the masses?
“We will soon be eating DNA altered, sickened animals from the same mRNA jabs contributing to the ‘Died Suddenly’ pandemic,” warned a Twitter account called “DJ Freedom Rocket.” “What could possibly go wrong …”
Another account responded to this that, apparently, we already are eating “fully vaccinated” animal products, not to mention all the genetically modified (GMO) plant products that have been on the market and in the food supply for decades.
“Are you aware of reports that Pharma now is looking to inject mRNA into foods?” this same account asked. “Into fruits and veggies? Into animal feed? Into fake vaccines for farm animals. Malthusians intend to poison our food supply.”
All of this has been many years in the making. Thirteen years ago, Gates met with other globalists like Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, to conjure up a coordinated response to the “problem” of population growth, which all of these figures see as a threat to the “human race” – meaning themselves and their ill-gotten wealth and lavish lifestyles, which were built on the backs of the very people they are now attempting to exterminate.
“In the view of the world’s billionaires, religious and political ‘obstacles’ remain that might get in the way of their mass experimentation,” explains Jacob Bruns, writing for Headline USA.
In the comments, someone added that people like Gates are clearly insane and no longer have any shame whatsoever about openly broadcasting their true intentions for the planet right in plain sight.
“They’re like cartoon villains at this point,” wrote another. “Except that they’re real.”
More of the latest news about Bill Gates and his globalist death cult can be found at Genocide.news.
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“Vaccinating” the food supply is how Bill Gates and other globalists plan to force-jab even the unvaccinated – NaturalNews.com