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    ‘Sun’s output may decline significantly inducing mini Ic

    Astronomers: 'Maunder Minimum will arrive in time to save planet from utterly foolish global carbon tax'

    ‘Sun’s output may decline significantly inducing another little ice age on the Earth’

    By Marc Morano
    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    [Below is a guest post by Statistician Dr. Richard Mackey, who authored a 2007 peer-reviewed study which found that the solar system regulates the earth’s climate. The paper was published August 17, 2007 in the Journal of Coastal Research - Excerpt: “According to the findings reviewed in this paper, the variable output of the sun, the sun’s gravitational relationship between the earth (and the moon) and earth’s variable orbital relationship with the sun, regulate the earth’s climate. The processes by which the sun affects the earth show periodicities on many time scales; each process is stochastic and immensely complex.
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    History Channel had a great video about this called "Little Ice Age, Big Chill" a couple years ago.
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    I am attending Henry Waxman's Cap and Trade meeting this coming Friday, Aug 21st at UCLA. I am bringing the article to ask him questions.
    Will let you know how it goes. I figure since he co-wrote the Cap and Trade bill he should be able to answer questions about it - unless of course he hasn't read it yet and has "jobbed out" most of the bill to "special interest groups" like he did on the stimulus bill.

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    As an amateur Astronomer, this story interest me greatly. The sun has been in a lull for a few years. The sun has been known to give us problems for centuries. The difference now, is that our infrastructure is at risk with any sudden spark in Sun activity. As soon as we get a LARGE flare, our grid can't handle it, and we are screwed. This is another area I wish our government would take it seriously. Personally, I think the sun is our next serious threat. We have to get ready for it.
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