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    1 in 5 Americans out of work,Obama orders $1 B embassy

    With 1 in 5 Americans out of work…Obama orders new $1 billion embassy in London
    February 24, 5:36 AM
    Dave Gibson

    Model of new embassy

    Despite our crushing national debt, depression-level unemployment, and record foreclosures, President Obama has authorized the construction of a ritzy, new U.S. Embassy in London.

    The building which The London Times describes as a “vast crystalline cube,
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    No mention of use of the "offsite production of buildings" and "mass-customization" "to develop inexpensive and easily built housing" for which Timberlake received attention, or perhaps these techniques don't apply to the construction of buildings when one is using public funds! (see below)

    "Kieran Timberlake received more attention after the publication of Refabricating Architecture, a book that explains and argues for the prefabrication of buildings using Building Information Modeling and close coordination of architects and contractors. Timberlake and Kieran argue that offsite production of buildings would be less expensive, more sustainable, and offer tolerances and techniques not possible in on-site construction. They also insist that mass-customization, as they call it, is the proper extension of the ideas expressed by Le Corbusier and other early modernists, who sought to develop inexpensive and easily built housing. Consequently, the book emulates the format and style of Toward an Architecture." ... Associates

    (Links within - and the entire original wikipedia article - available at the source link above.)
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    They couldn't bring the Olympics to Chicago so they are building an new embassy in London. I wonder if it will be done in time for their Olympics.
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