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    180 people sickened from Chipotle Mex. restaurant

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    Chipotle Reopens After 180 People Get Sick

    POSTED: 3:48 pm EDT April 18, 2008
    UPDATED: 9:50 am EDT April 20, 2008

    KENT, Ohio -- The Portage County Mexican restaurant at the center of a health scare has reopened.

    More than 180 people have now come forward with suspected food poisoning, NewsChannel5 reported.

    The Chipotle Mexican grill on Route 59 in Kent closed Friday night. It was cleaned and sanitized at that time. New employees were also brought in from other restaurants.

    The health commissioner said those people who got sick all ate burritos.

    The exact cause of the sickness is under investigation.

    Cases were first reported Thursday night, and several Kent State students were treated and released for symptoms that included severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

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    I do not eat at any mexican restaurants. I seldom eat out anymore just for this very reason.

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    We seldom eat out for same reason . And when we do it's hard to enjoy it because in back of mind wondering whats going on with the food .

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    ....Mexican restaurants are suspect but so are many, many Chinese restaurants as they are notorious for hiring illegal alien workers from China and Mexico as well.

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