60% of Congress Not Holding Town Halls

Submitted by No Labels Blogger
August 22, 2011

Tags: town hall meetingsaugust recesscongress.Is your representative holding a public town hall meeting this August recess? No Labels called every office, and only 40% are scheduling open town hall meetings. It’s a sad sign of the state of affairs when our elected officials don’t have time to meet with their constituents.

No Labels activists spoke to all 430 current members of the House of Representatives to find that only 176* of them scheduled meetings. The results of the phone survey also reveal that members of both parties share the blame, with about 67% of Democrats and 50% of Republicans stating they had no town hall meetings scheduled for the recess period.

See the list at the link to see if your representative is holding a public town hall this month.

http://nolabels.org/blog/60-congress-no ... town-halls