2020: Dems will shift back to 'unity' platform against 'polarizing' Trump

After the midterms, we'll start to see a shift from "Republicans are the devil" to "can't we all just get along?"

October 30, 2018
By Earick Ward

The run-up to the 2018 mid-terms has been turbulent. Organic or by design, we may never know, but one thing is for sure: leftists and media (I repeat myself) are going to work overtime to capitalize on the events to present themselves as righteous minimally and victims at the extreme.
Starting with Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, the Left abandoned all pretenses of fair play. That the evidence was paper-thin and depended on an unhinged partisan hack didn't matter a whit. We even find out that NBC had evidence of Brett Kavanaugh's innocence yet sat on it, to serve a (leftist) political end.
When the optics of the Democrats falsely accusing Judge Kavanaugh of "gang rape" began to turn against them politically, our attention was shifted to the 4,000-14,000-strong immigrant (invader) caravan. Television images of oppressed women and children plastered the airwaves. Again, when legitimate journalists began exposing the various leftist organizations spearheading this mass migration (to serve a domestic political end) and find out that the vast majority of these invaders are young men between 15-30, the optics for the left began to wane.
Along come "fake bombs" mailed (or couriered) to, as the media dubbed it, Donald Trump's "target list," and yet another narrative was crafted by the purveyors of fake news, to stoke division and falsely lay blame for this charade on the president and the whole of the conservative movement.
And, as though enough turmoil didn't already exist, the other day a Trump-hating anti-Semite shot up a synagogue, killing eleven people. In spite of the president having a Jewish son-in-law and a daughter who converted to Judaism, and denouncing this "tragedy" emphatically, the media have laid blame for the shooting at the hands of the president and NRA supporting Republicans.
From Kavanaugh and the caravan to the "fake bomb" guy, and now an anti-Semite, the left has created and stoked division. Those of us who were paying attention during the Obama years recognize the handiwork of the community organizer in chief.
Whether involved directly, or indirectly, Obama and the left are going to manipulate events to profit electorally.
Leftist media and social media platforms will begin to push the "unity" narrative. Can't we all just get along?, to quote Rodney King. The Democrats will try to ride this unity tactic into next week and through to 2020.
The media will portray Democrats as the peacemakers, the voice of hope, love, and reason. Donald Trump and the evil Republicans will be portrayed as those who are dividing our great nation. Everything dividing Americans will be laid at the president's, and our, feet.
Elections used to be a battle of ideas. They morphed into a battle of personality. Democrats are bereft of ideas, except resistance, and have no one on their bench whose personality can go toe to toe with President Trump. With no ideas, and no charisma, the Democrat strategists will go a third way: unity.
The lie that "both sides are guilty of violence and extremism" will morph into "Republicans are trying to divide, while we are trying to heal the wounds and bring us all together." Sadly, I can envision many NeverTrumps joining hands with Democrats in an effort to split Republican votes, as an appeal to bipartisanship and unity. I could easily see a John Kasich or Ben Sasse crossing over to join Michelle Obama on a bipartisan unity ticket.
The media have become the mouthpiece for the DNC. We should expect a vast manipulation of the populace through the next election.