2A UNDER ATTACK: Democratic AGs call for the closure of Missouri ammo plant to deprive citizens of affordable, quality ammunition

01/31/2024 // Ava Grace // 780 Views

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Democratic attorneys general (AGs) are calling for the closure of an ammunition plant based in Missouri purportedly to prevent "mass shootings."
The Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, which is the largest producer of small arms ammunition in the U.S., has become one of the latest targets of the anti-gunner crowd in their quest to keep as many Americans disarmed as possible. But the Democratic AGs' call for the facility's closure will only infringe the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.
The Democrats' request seeks to curb the availability of "military-grade rounds" in the commercial market, furthering their goal of "decreasing the prevalence of gun violence." But a group of 28 Republican AGs begged to differ, expressing their opposition to the move.
The group asked President Joe Biden and Stefanie Feldman, director of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, to disregard the Democrats' request in a Jan. 24 letter. (Related: Biden administration suspends issuance of export licenses for civilian firearms and ammunition in latest attack on gun industry.)
"Their tactic is an overt attempt to punish Americans' exercise of their Second Amendment rights," the GOP AGs wrote. "Perhaps those [blue] states should focus more on prosecuting crime to stop mass shootings, rather than trying to stop lawful Americans' use of guns and ammunition."
According to the GOP AGs, ammunition manufactured for military use isn't sold on the commercial market. "First, the ammunition manufactured at Lake City and sold into the commercial market is not the primary rifle cartridge used by the U.S. military. [It] is proprietary to the Army and may not be sold commercially," they explained.
"Second, while the U.S. military purchases and uses a particular type of ammunition, that is not determinative as to whether it is 'military ammunition' that should be banned for public use. If the U.S. military using ammunition precluded that ammunition's use by civilians, then other widely and commonly available ammunition – including 9mm and 12-gauge shot shells – would also be prohibited for public use."
Livelihood of locals also under attack

They also noted that the economic impact of shutting down the ammunition plant would be immense for the city. According to the letter, the plant employs a significant portion of the population and any decision to close the plant could impact between 500 and 700 jobs. This would affect the livelihoods of a substantial percentage of the local population while not offering any real benefits.
Shutting down Lake City could also hamper the military's efficacy and readiness, given that the Department of Defense has a contract with the plant. "The law-abiding target shooters and gun owners who buy Lake City ammunition are subsidizing national defense and military readiness," the GOP AGs wrote.
They also countered an argument made by the Democratic AGs contending that the ammunition manufactured in the plant has been used by mass shooters.
"Gun control advocates are firing blanks when they contend that taxpayers are subsidizing mass shooters; they get causality backward," the Republicans pointed out. "Indeed, Lake City is not the sole source of any of the types of ammunition manufactured and sold commercially."
"Several other U.S. ammunition manufacturers make and sell the same types of ammunition for civilian use. That ammunition is also imported into the U.S. by foreign manufacturers. If gun control proponents' goal is to cut off the civilian ammunition supply, ending commercial sales from Lake City will not achieve their objective. But it will undermine national security and result in an increase in reliance on foreign-made ammunition, to the detriment of U.S. manufacturers."
"We should be focused on the free flow of illegal weapons coming across our border – not taking aim at law-abiding patriots," Indiana AG Todd Rokita said, adding that the border crisis "is exactly why law-abiding citizens need the liberty to defend themselves.
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