Three teens, two of them children of doctors, 'beat classmate into critical condition with crowbar over stolen marijuana'

  • Dylan Thomas, Jessie Umberger, and Rebecca Gotay, all students at Satellite High School in Florida, were arrested Friday for attempted murder
  • After several weeks of planning they attempted to beat a former friend to death with a crowbar
  • This after they accused the young man of stealing marijuana from them
  • The victim, Daniel Vukovich, is currently in critical condition after his mother found him in their driveway
  • Thomas allegedly beat Vukovich while Gotay drove the getaway car

PUBLISHED: 14:20 EST, 20 February 2015 | UPDATED: 17:14 EST, 20 February 2015

Three teenagers have been arrested and charged with attempted first-degree premeditated murder.
Dylan Thomas, 17, his fiancee Jessie Umberger, 18, and Rebecca Gotay, 18, all students at Satellite High School in Satellite Beach, Florida, were arrested Friday and are being held without bond after they attacked a former friend Thursday morning before school, beating the man with a crowbar in hopes of killing him.

The young man, Daniel Vukovich, 17, is in critical condition.



Dylan Thomas (above) has been charged with attempted murder after beating a 17-year-old with a crowbar

Thomas and fiancee Jessie Umberger (above) planned the attack for weeks in retaliation for a theft by the victim


Umberger (left) also had friend Rebecca Gotay (right) help by driving the getaway car


Daniel Vukovich (above) the 17-year-old victim is in critical condition

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