41 States Sell Out to Merck’s HPV Shot Gardasil Vaccine Lobbyists

Tim McCoy
March 9, 2012

Since 2006, 41 states have introduced legislation to support the HPV vaccine industry, despite the danger of death and injury. Shockingly, Dr. Diane Harper, a lead developer of Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine, warns against Gardasil vaccine deaths and she advocates complete disclosure about the risk of death and adverse reactions (including Guillian-Barre syndrome) to parents and patients. Dr. Harper also acknowledges that the CDC’s death rate data is skewed.

95% of infections from HPV resolve on their own with zero government intervention. Cervical cancer is rare, and only 10% of adverse reactions to vaccines are reported. Merck and GSK are the top 2 HPV vaccine makers.

The HPV vaccine legislation in 41 states includes mandatory vaccination, funding Merck and GSK’s HPV vaccines, removing parental rights by removing parental consent for the HPV vaccine, or educating the public about the HPV virus. Currently, New York is considering legislation making vaccines mandatory.

The federal government pays for more than 40% of HPV vaccinations. The HPV vaccine is given in 3 doses and costs over $300. Most of the girls targeted for HPV vaccination conveniently have private insurance.

With this much money on the table, greedy vaccine makers are pushing the HPV vaccine that was designed to treat cervical cancer, on boys (note to Merck & GSK: males do not have cervixes). The HPV vaccine industry promotes vaccination in men and boys using the excuse that they could contract cancer from the HPV virus through anal and oral sex. However, the CDC admits that it does not know the efficacy rates of the drug for males and advises against ‘routine vaccination’.

School vaccination requirements are usually decided by state legislatures, although some have handed this power over to unaccountable agencies like state Health Departments These agencies are reliant on the legislatures for funding, therefore, responsibility ultimately lies with the legislature.
Merck HPV Lobbying Scandal

Merck had a very strong lobbying campaign for state mandates in 2007 to REQUIRE its Gardasil vaccine. There was so much backlash over Big Pharma’s influence over government that Merck backed off of lobbying for a mandatory HPV vaccine, saying that the timing wasn’t right.

However, Merck continued to lobby for financing of their vaccines. The amount of funding for Merck’s vaccine lobbying is unknown.

Women in Government (WIG)

Merck is financial backer of Women in Government (WIG), a national non profit organization of of legislators that has heavily influenced state politics. WIG is responsible for getting 39 states to formally introduce legislation or resolutions for calling attention to cancer linked to HPV.

WIG’s own website heralds the news that it has received over $18 million in funding from corporations, foundations and individuals. In 2009 alone, WIG receivedover $1.7 million from unnamed donors.

Is it possible that Women in Government is a front organization for Merck to push its deadly HPV vaccine? What is the motivation for women legislators to support risky vaccines that can kill young girls?

According to the website cogforlife.org, WIG is only the tip of the lobbying iceberg as Merck spent tens of millions of dollars on funding other so-called non profits in order to saturate the media and prepare the public to embrace mandatory HPV vaccines.

How to Thwart the HPV Vaccine Lobby

Merck appears to believe that lobbying state legislators is the most effective way to require that their vaccines be forced on children. Therefore, the most effective way to stop Merck’s efforts is for the people to educate state legislators and to build strong, organized support groups with other concerned parents and citizens.

Concerned individuals can do their part by sharing information about the danger of the HPV vaccine with simple flyers that Natural Society will be releasing in the near future to better inform the public.

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