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    6 year old boy accused of sexual assault playing tag

    Boy, 6, accused of sexual assault
    on classmate during playground game of tag

    Mail Online

    In a move that has attracted outrage from many local parents, an overzealous principal has accused a six-year-old of sexual assault.

    Levina Subrata�s son was playing tag in his Californian school playground when he was accused of touching his best friend�s upper thigh and groin.

    The youngster was taken to Principal Cynthia Taylor�s office where, after being held for two hours, he confessed to the touch and was charged with sexual battery.

    The child�s father Oswin (who will not disclose his surname) remembers the phone call from Lupine Hills Elementary School.

    He was told: �We have a serious situation. Your child is being detained for sexual assault.�

    Despite there being no witnesses to the alleged sexual assault Ms. Subrata received a suspension notice that stated her son had �committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault.�

    Ms. Subrata then sought advice from a lawyer who said that you couldn�t even charge a child as young as six in California with sexual assault.

    In fact, according to Californian law, intent only exists if the child is in the fourth grade or older.

    Entire article here
    Boy, 6, accused of sexual assault on classmate during playground game of tag | Mail Online

    The school/prison training system is teaching children what?

    That bringing a G.I. Joe action figure to school is a violation of
    the schools weapon ban, I don't know if you remember that story or

    Well, now a school in California has accused a 6 year old boy of
    sexual assault resulting from a playground game of tag.

    A six year old boy!?!

    Clearly, despite whatever happened, the interpretation of this
    event says more about the Principal's frame of mind than it does
    the boy's intent.

    Unfortunately, that 'frame of mind' is systematic and the endless
    attempts to criminalize human behavior in schools is evidence of


    Schools are prisons 6 year old boy accused of sexual assault playing tag

    Goodman Green
    - Brasscheck

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    videos with friends and colleagues.

    That's how we grow. Thanks.

    You I know when in school they taught us the difference between principle and principal and they said to us that the school principal was with the "pal" because they are your pal!!!!! Works different now doesn't it!!!!!

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    It gets more ridiculous every single day.

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