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    700 slain so far in Juárez

    700 slain so far in Juárez
    By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times
    Article Launched: 08/06/2008 12:00:00 AM MDT

    EL PASO -- More than 25 people were slain in the first few days of August in Juárez bringing the total to more than 700 this year -- surpassing the total number of homicides in Mexico City and that of most major United States cities last year.

    The violence, linked to a war between drug cartels that flared up in January, has crippled tourism to Juárez, has caused some residents to move to the United States and has led more than two dozen victims to seek medical treatment in El Paso.

    Last weekend was among the bloodiest in the beleaguered city, where arrests have been few as almost all of the homicides have gone unsolved despite the presence of the military and federal police.

    The recent spate of street shootings include at least seven double homicides since Friday and that of a transit officer and a police academy cadet, according to Chihuahua state police.

    Among the dead is Juárez transit police officer Miguel Angel Alvarez Hernandez, 23, who was killed Tuesday morning when the Dodge Durango he was driving was strafed with gunfire. Thirty-four bullet casings were found at the scene off Norzagaray Boulevard, police said.

    On Friday evening, Juárez police academy cadet Ramon Flores Escamilla, 40, was fatally shot on Zaragoza Boulevard in the Lomas de San José area.

    It is difficult to know how many, if any, U.S. citizens have been slain. Some victims were killed while driving vehicles with Texas plates, such as on Saturday, when a man identified at Lino Fernandez Martinez, 56, was shot and killed in a GMC Jimmy with Texas plates. He was parked outside El Mexicano beer shop. It was unknown whether Fernandez was a Texas resident.

    Juárez police also said that a banner threatening public safety Director Roberto Orduña Cruz was recently discovered.

    Orduña told Chihuahua state legislators that the city needs money to increase the number of police officers and equipment needed to patrol the city of an estimated 2 million people. Juárez had around 300 homicides last year.

    The Norte de Ciudad Juárez newspaper reported that Juárez has had nearly 730 homicides, surpassing the total in Mexico City for all of last year. Mexico City has about 20 million residents.

    By comparison in 2007, New York City had 496 slayings, Los Angeles had 390 and Chicago 443, according to the preliminary Uniform Crime Report by the FBI.

    Many of the mob-style shootings in Juárez are believed to be linked to a war between the Sinaloa drug cartel and Juárez drug cartel, known as La Linea.

    The violence has continued despite the deployment of the Mexican army, a few arrests of some suspected members of hit squads, and multi-ton marijuana sei zures.

    Chihuahua state prosecutors have revealed some of the sophistication used by cartel hit teams, including safe houses, spotters who trail targets and members assigned to make sure other armed teams are kept away from locations where a hit will take place.

    Speculation has been that some of the recent deaths, particularly in the downtown area, targeted street-level drug pushers.

    Daniel Borunda may be reached at; 546-6102.

    25 killed since Aug. 1 ¥7 were double homicides

    Read past stories on Juárez violence at www.elpaso\
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    I am just curious about the count of Americans killed by illegals in this country in the same time frame.
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    Reported as a duplicate. Please post here

    Remember to check for duplicates
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