About 1 Million People Sign Up For ObamaCare; Only 29 Million Or 39 Million To Go

Posted on 30 December, 2013
by sophia


Depending upon which liberal you talk to, the time of the day, and how much sympathy he’s trying to generate, there are either 30 million or 40 million uninsured Americans.
That means, by the way, that the margin of error whenever liberals regurgitate that statistic is either 25% or 33%. But we should beabsolutely certain that those numbers are accurate.
Well, one of those numbers, anyway. It could be either 30 million or 40 million. Whatever feels right.
This morning, we read in Politico that about 1.1 million people have signed up for ObamaCare.
So where are the other 29 million?
Oops. We mean: Where are the other 39 million?
Apparently there are tens of millions of Americans who don’t want health insurance. They’ve already passed the deadline for enrollment. While open enrollment exists for a few more months, they won’t be covered until they enroll.
So where are they? Why haven’t they enrolled?
Maybe it’s possible that a bunch of liberals who couldn’t even get their talking points straight about whether there were 30 million or 40 million uninsured Americans also had absolutely no clue about how many uninsured Americans actually exist and were just inflating the numbers in an effort to generate more support for their corrupt cause based on manufactured pity for tens of millions of poor people who don’t even exist.
It could be something like that.