Jackson County residents react to voter fraud allegations

Updated: June 16, 2008 09:20 PM PDT

By Trang Do
WAFF 48 News Reporter

Alabama's Secretary of State and Attorney General's offices are investigating reports of voter fraud during the primaries earlier this month. And some of those reports are coming from the Valley.

Jackson County voters and non-voters alike were surprised to hear about alleged reports of voter fraud in the last elections.

"What kind of fraud?" asked Crystal Hill, a Scottsboro resident. And even Sidney McDonald, a regular voter did not hear about the allegations.

"I did vote in the last primary, I certainly did, and it makes me wonder about our system," she said.

Secretary of State Beth Chapman released a statement about allegations of buying and selling of absentee ballots and voter intimidation in a handful of counties, including Jackson.

Absentee Election Manager Ken Farrell declined an on-camera interview saying he needed to get more detailed information about the allegations. But some residents we spoke to, young and old, say they're already disillusioned with the voting process.

WAFF 48 News asked Scottsboro resident Earl Melvin Gifford, "Do you, yourself, vote? He responded, "Nah...I'm just not anybody interested."

WAFF 48 News asked Hill if she trusts the voting system." She responded, "No, no, I think, I hate Jackson County's system."

But McDonald says the allegations haven't changed her view on voting. "I think voting is very important, if you're going to have a voice, you need to vote," she said.

"You know you need to keep up with the issues and things that politicians are offering to us, and I think it's a very important thing for everyone who's of voting age to get out and vote."

Chapman tells WAFF 48 News that the allegations from Jackson County aren't as severe as those from other counties, but all reports of voter fraud must be investigated.

If you have allegations of voter fraud to report, you voice them directly to the Secretary of State's office at:

1-800-274-VOTE (8683)

Or visit:


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