Call your Alabama state senator IMMEDIATELY, all of them if you can, and tell them you want SB368 or SB136 passed!

SB446 is a bad bill!

Subject: Eminent Domain SB 368 VS SB 446

Last week, Sen. Jim Preuitt introduced his eminent domain bill, SB446 (attached). Yesterday, February 14, 2006, SB446 passed to the floor by the Senate Committee without a public hearing, without the citizen voices even being heard. It is on the fast track to be voted on and passed as early as Tuesday, next week. The average person cannot understand this bill because of the way it is phrased. I call it -Preuitt's Invasive Eminent Domain Bill.

SB368 is the eminent domain bill, sponsored by Sen. Steve French. It evolved from SB136, SB202, SB297, and SB119. This is a good bill. You can understand the contents of this bill. I like to call it Citizens Property Rights Preservation Bill.

SB368 Defines "just compensation" as the "fair market value for the highest and best use.
SB446 Defines "just compensation" as the "fair market value".

SB368 gives the government 7 yrs. to use the property before offering it back to the original
landowner for the original purchase price (if the property is not used for the original
reason for condemnation).
SB446 gives the government 15 yrs. to use the property before offering it back to the original
landowner, but states a resolution (at a later date) will determine how it is offered for
repurchase at the "fair market value" at THAT time (15yrs later).

The two examples above only "scratch the surface" (second email is a synopsis from another organization).

After reading and considering the facts, if you prefer SB368, call each of the Alabama Senators today, tomorrow or this weekend-- before Monday and tell them you want SB368 passed. If you prefer SB446 - Do Nothing - because if we do not act, NOW, SB446 is on the "fast track"and will be our nightmare to live with for a long time.

"All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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This process has been confusing and it is very easy to get the bill numbers turned around. The following SHOULD put it straight in your mind.

Please send to all.

Report on Tuesday’s session:

SB368 is one of our original bills.

Senator Biddle substituted our SB368 for his own bill (which was SB136) so one of the GOOD bills will, from now on, be called SB136. This bill passed out of committee favorably by vote of 8 for to 1 against. Smitherman was the only nay vote.

SB-368 (the French Bill) is also our bill. It was voted out favorably by a vote of 8 to 1.

So we now have our bill out of committee under two names. SB-368 is the Republican sponsored bill and SB-136 is the Independent sponsored bill. The two bills are identical except for their numbers and primary sponsors.

SB-446 is the REALLY REALLY BAD BILL. Chairman Mitchell refused to allow a public hearing on this bill and it was amended (to make it even worse) and voted out unanimously- all in that one committee meeting. SLAM DUNK!!!!!... Preuitt's "property theft bill" is voted out without the citizen’s voices even being heard. We need to give Jim Preuitt and the Democrats FULL credit for this horrible bill! ALL THE WAY TO ELECTION DAY.

The battle now moves to the Senate floor and to the House bills to come.