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    ALERT: DHS Joins Muslim Brotherhood- Sharia Law in the USA (VIDEO)

    ALERT: DHS Joins Muslim Brotherhood- Sharia Law in the USA

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    The people who live on the Barbary Coast are arab muslims that came in when the Ottoman Empire conquered the area in the 1500's about the same time the Moors escaped Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. Black Africans live in sub-Saharan Africa, or south of the Saharan Desert. If you look at the people of Algeria which was the main place on the Barbary Coast that had the pirates that captured the slaves, which between 1500's and 1800's included as many as 700 Americans, they are not black, they look like Egyptians, Lebanese, Libyans, Syrians, Saudis - and that's what it's like all through the northern part of Africa above the Sahara. These pirates also enslaved black Africans which they picked up along the coastal areas. At one point, Samuel Pepys wrote that the Barbary Pirates attached the town of Baltimore Ireland and took the entire settlement's population into slavery. Anyone that survived a pirate attack became a slave. Slave trade ended when most of the countries in the world outlawed slave trade, but the only place it continues legally is in Muslim countries. The people who were engaging in slavery here were Muslims rather than black Africans as this photo implies.
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