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    "All governments would like to be totalitarian" The world leader of gun violence

    "All governments would like to be totalitarian"
    The world leader of gun violence

    Lew Rockwell:

    "The glorification of government violence..."

    "Governments are not anti guns, they're anti private people owning guns."

    "There are people who like to shoot people. They work for the government."

    "Governments want a gun monopoly..."

    "Fear private guns. Only government guns are good."

    "Piers Morgan is a champion of violence."

    "Every morning Obama signs death orders over his scrambled eggs."

    "I'm concerned they want to stimulate armed resistance. Don't take take the bait."

    I'm a huge fan of Lew Rockwell.

    No one does a better job of
    demolishing the "Cult of
    Government" better.

    Must watching.


    Obama Watch: "All governments would like to be totalitarian"

    - Brasscheck

    P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and
    videos with friends and colleagues.

    That's how we grow. Thanks.

    Excellent speaks by Lew Rockwell...really like him..
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    posted on January 25, 2013 byJohn DeMayo
    We Need Hearings on Un-American Activities, Now!

    The destructive actions and agenda of President Obama and his Executive Branch can no longer be tolerated by Americans. Obama has no plans to respect our laws and founding principles. He only wishes to weaken them and cripple what once was a country worthy of the title World Superpower. A country that the planet could count on to lay down our lives to defend good against aggression and shake compliance out of the stupidly arrogant and dangerous.
    Obama’s priority is to destroy his opposition and complete his dream of transforming our Republic into a government controlled hell where citizens obey the government—over our faith in God and morality—or he will see us marginalized and subjugated. If he is allowed to advance his un-American delusions the United States future is certain. We will all be sacrificed to his world view.

    Unlawful acts that rise to the level of treason and espionage cannot be abided to accommodate a dishonest man’s claim of privilege. Lies do not grant a criminal absolution for his mistakes nor his fabricated victories. Political patronage is graft and Obama is the spawn of this insidious illness that he has encouraged as President of our country. Obama has no respect is devoid of a conscience and his dangerous addiction to power and fame is destroying our nation.

    Yesterday, I watched our Secretary of State refuse to answer to the American people for her failures and the deaths of four Americans serving our country. Incompetence is not an excuse Madam Secretary, it is criminal when you run our State Department and you watch four of your staff murdered and take political cover to protect your boss’s re-election and your political future. You Madam are not an American and you should be tried for your ineptitude and resolute betrayal of your fellow countrymen.

    Manufacturing crisis is a form of sedition and it is a crime in America. Our President is fabricating carefully scripted crisis in order to assault our Constitution. Arbitrary and meritless gun bans are illegal in the United States of America. So is auctioning off sensitive U.S. assets and technologies to foreign governments. The mere thought of or plotting to undertake such a venture can carry the death sentence. It’s called espionage. Both of these crimes are being committed by our Executive Branch every day to satisfy their lust for deficit funding.

    Our elections and our rights to vote for legitimate candidates openly vetted have been compromised by foreign money laundered through shell corporations, tax exempt charities, unions and lobbies. Not only does Obama willingly except this corruption, but he is now moonlighting on our time and dime for his campaign turned his tax free interest lobby. Conflict of interests abound and laws are broken as the Chicago school of machine politics rules the day and destroys what is left of a representative government and free and open elections. This too is against the law in the United States. This too is a crime.
    Obama denies his Islamist loyalties. He strategically weakens U.S. military threats to his global brethren and exploits U.S. taxpayer money to provide terrorists camouflaged as Arab reformers with the equipment and aid they require to flourish and strengthen their anti-American offensive. Subterfuge is his ally, as he boldly claims victory where none exists; all to allow Islamist ideology to advance on American rights, laws and sovereignty. Access to the White House is now purchased by Sheiks and their errand boys. This too is a crime.

    The United States of America is not a social engineering project. No President is ever elected to tinker with the inalienable rights that provide the foundation of our freedom and liberty. They all swear an oath to protect and defend these rights. Obama has proven to us he has no respect for the oath he took 4 years ago and re-took 4 days ago. His loyalties are un-American and he is no longer afraid to show his true intent. Obama’s ultimate target, our countries fiscal and social destruction, is no longer a secret. This is treason and it too is a crime.

    President Obama is the greatest domestic threat our nation faces. This man possesses the power to soothe and heal our nation, yet he arrogantly chooses the path of confrontation, corruption and denial furthering the disintegration of our American way of life and our exceptionalism.
    Whatever heroes that still remain in our government and in our communities must demand investigation into this administrations serial corruption and willful disregard for their oaths and the breaking of our nation’s laws. We must take the fight for our rights to the White House. We must rid our nation of the sinister threat that has stolen the high political high ground and doomed us to 4 more years of Obama’s Amerika. Un-American activities can no longer be forgiven for they have become the new norm and eventually they will take us all.

    We Need Hearings on Un-American Activities, Now! : The Last Resistance

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