Allen West: The Slippery slope of Obama's constitutional contempt

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Monday, October 14, 2013 - The Gathering Storm by Daniel Martin Gray
Daniel Martin Gray

Ask me a question.

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2013 — At the American Majority New Leaders Summit in West Chester, PA on 10/11/13, I asked Lt. Col. Allen West, former Congressman, distinguished Army career officer, Tea Party favorite and potential candidate for President in 2016 a three-part question.
Given the Obama administration’s willingness to usurp powers Constitutionally mandated to Congress and their contempt for courts, did he believe that President Obama would go so far as to use a real or false-flag event as cause to abrogate Posse Commitatus, and use American troops against citizens on American soil?
Would Generals give illegal orders directing the military to act against peaceful citizens?
Would American soldiers follow illegal orders or mutiny?
West immediately scoffed at the first with a flat “No”. He strongly denied the second, citing high professional standards and ethics of military leadership. He entirely dismissed the third as even a possibility, praising the servicemen and women of our nation as dedicated and devoted to their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Perhaps West is right.
He certainly knows firsthand the character of those who serve as leaders and volunteers in our Armed Forces, and many of the patriots that now rise to meet the challenges of a government that knows no limits in pursuit of raw power. He is no stranger to conflict in service of our country, whether with deadly force abroad against foreign enemies, or in peaceful politics at home against domestic ones. He has become a touchstone of the movement to restore constitutional government. Americans must hope he is correct in his assessments.
But Americans must also recognize the factors that turn a peaceful protest into a violent mob; that make dedicated public servants behave like monsters. Emotions run high. Restraint by citizens and training of officers only runs so deep. With the Executive so eager to execute, how far will they push before they push too far? How far will the American people allow themselves to be pushed?
Other civilized countries have faced turmoil and done badly. Few have been able to keep the fabric of civil society untorn in the face of conflict between forces of liberty and statist tyranny. From where we stand today, it is merely a matter of degree before we are ruled by decree.
America’s Bill of Rights is under assault.
Federal authority bullies 50 States and over 300 million Americans into unconstitutional compliance.
Common Core in schools indoctrinates communism and ignores America’s founding values.
Christian belief and speech in the military are unlawfully restricted; Islam and atheism are favored.
The People’s right to keep and bear arms is abrogated by Executive edict and UN treaty.
SWAT teams swoop in on Americans accused of crimes not criminal, written by nameless bureaucrats.
IRS is used to target and punish Americans who speak out against Obama and his cronies.
NSA and a host of other agencies scoop up and log every tidbit of personal communication for review.
NDAA allows arrest and indefinite detention without warrant, trial or writ of habeas corpus.
Yet this litany of abuses barely skims the surface of the foul stew Progressives have boiled up.
In Washington DC this Sunday, we saw veterans and other Constitutionalists confront armed police wearing riot gear. The protestors broke through the barricades at the WW II and Lincoln Memorials. They actually carried those barriers to the White House and lay the shame of locking citizens out of their own property at the feet of the President. In Valley Forge PA this Sunday, peaceful protestors assembled. Despite media accounts of “dozens”, folks I know and trust counted at least 500.
And during the past weekend, an alleged computer glitch in 17 States prevented those on Food Stamps from using EBT cards. Whether legitimately destitute or cravenly dependent, those folks panicked.
Veterans and citizens protested against the closure of National Parks and Monuments. What would be their reaction to something far more obnoxious? Food Stamp recipients freaked over a few hours delay. What would be their reaction if it was a few days or weeks? Police in paramilitary garb, mounted on horseback and riding in armored cars, refrained from using tasers, clubs and firearms. What would be their reaction to rocks thrown at them, or worse? Alinskyite organizers have never shied from acting as provocateurs. Now that they run the Federal government, what can we expect from them?
Seemingly by design, frustrations are being ratcheted-up. If and when they boil over, there will undoubtedly be strong and violent reaction. This turmoil is self-perpetuating and ever-increasing. It invariably leads to ever more desperate acts by angry citizens and massive crackdown from authorities.
This is where the Progressives would have us, pushed to the wall and snarling back at police dogs, ready to snap. They would have us give provocation; to put into action laws passed but never yet used. To finish off liberty in the name of security. This is the national hell we must guard against, while clamoring for return of our constitutional rights.
Americans must stand up and refuse to comply with unreasonable, imperious commands. But we must guard against the excesses that strong emotion engenders. We must keep our heads, and not give cause for crackdown.
Many, if not most of law enforcement are former military. They are torn between sworn duty and the duty to follow orders. If you are one of the thin blue line, or if you are a friend or family member, urge them to educate themselves on illegal orders. Show them your heart, and ask them to reaffirm their oath to our Constitution.
Get them to commit as Oath Keepers.