With America’s medical industry fully ‘militarized,’ of course ‘Big Pharma’ is using deadly reptile venoms to create drugs and cosmetics – gila monster venom in popular weight loss drug

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The only video at the bottom of this story featuring 'Health Ranger' Mike Adams of Natural News in a new interview with a Doctor by the name of Dr. Bryan Ardis is one of the most fascinating interviews that I've seen since the 'COVID op' was launched, and I happily listened to the entire nearly-hour long video in which Dr. Ardis shared with us all some must-learn information that I will break down for you in this story.
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Starting out for us by taking us through a recent conference that he had participated in and a question he asked his audience, how many of you know someone who is taking the diabetes/weight loss drug 'Ozempic,' and having nearly everyone in the room raise their hands, the popularity of 'Ozempic' has been skyrocketing following several 'celebrities' admitting they'd used it to lose weight rapidly, while even the NY Times recently did a story about 'Ozempic,' reporting how 'tech moguls' and 'influencers' have been bragging about taking the injectable drug to also lose weight rapidly.
And while I myself have never even dreamed of taking a weight loss drug and in fact, have happily gotten myself off of all of the big pharma poisons I was taking several years ago, I found the discussion about 'Ozempic' mind boggling when Dr. Ardis shared with us a fact that we can all confirm about 'Ozempic' ourselves in case we're called 'conspiracy theorists': 'Ozempic' was created using the 'venom' of the 'Gila monster,' a desert dwelling reptile which has toxic and deadly venom.
With this story over at The Conversation reporting scientists found a hormone in the Gila monster’s venom called exendin-4 that could be used to treat type 2 diabetes, a hormone similar to one found in humans called GLP-1, which is released after eating and is important for controlling blood sugar levels in humans, for a short time all seemed great in the warped world of 'big pharma' in that they found what many hoped would be a 'miracle drug' that could not only successfully treat diabetes, but also help people shed pounds rapidly, but of course, they didn't take into account the many 'side effects' which come along for human beings with a drug created using the toxic venom of a deadly reptile.
And with the amazing story of the creation of 'Ozempic' just the jumping off point of the talk between Mike Adams and Dr. Bryan Ardis, as the Conversation story also points out, 'Ozempic' and 'Wegovy' are just two of the drugs on the market this very moment, (created by 'big pharma' to make a few million bucks off of totally clueless people), created by using the poisonous and often deadly venoms of reptiles as well as other land and sea creatures, such as 'Cone snails,' which are known for producing a variety of venom peptides that they use to immobilize their prey.
With 'big pharma' quick to create a 'synthetic version' of one of the peptides found in Cone Snail venom to create a painkilling drug called 'ziconotide,' as this April of 2022 story by Mike Adams over at Natural News had pointed out, people are shocked to realize how many pharmaceutical medications are derived almost entirely from rattlesnake venom, Gila Monster reptile venom, pit viper venom, scorpion venom and other such sources.
And as we learn from Dr. Bryan Ardis and Adams in the fascinating video below as well as in this story over at the website Fierce Biotech, there's an undeniable link between COVID-19 and rattlesnake venom, with this University of Arizona story reporting Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality.
Reporting within it that researchers had identified what may be the key molecular mechanism responsible for COVID-19 mortality, and that it just so happened to be an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom, what are the odds that 'spike proteins' cause effects in the human body that just so happen to be nearly identical to those caused by rattlesnake venom?
With more and more proof that 'big pharma' is using 'venoms' in their 'poisons' which they then market to the unsuspecting American public as 'cures' to the ailments which they face, keep in mind that this February 9th story over at Zero Hedge reports the entire medical industry in America has been fully 'militarized.' Which adds more proof to the remarks recently made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., that the vaxxes were totally a military operation, researched, created and owned by the US military with Pfizer and Moderna just paid to make it appear like the vaxxes came from the pharmaceutical industry. Yet we must remember that the military here in America, and around the world, were created to KILL, not save lives. Simply put, no wonder they're using so many 'evolution-tested' toxins in 'medications'!
And as Mike and Dr. Ardis also discuss within this video, there's a whole slew of 'pharma technology' companies popping up all over the world in recent years that are dedicated to using 'venoms' in their products which they'll later greedily sell to the unsuspecting public to make a few more million.
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With America’s medical industry fully ‘militarized,’ of course ‘Big Pharma’ is using deadly reptile venoms to create drugs and cosmetics – gila monster venom in popular weight loss drug – NaturalNews.com