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Thursday, February 02, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) Sondra Martin Hicks anchored the Jan. 30 episode of the Brighteon.TV program “America Unhinged” in place of Dr. John Diamond to talk about U.S. sufferings with her guests.
“I think as a nation, right now, we’re in a lot of trauma. We are, as a nation, in trauma,” her first guest Darla Ryden of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN) said. “We don’t think, and I don’t even think, we’re aware of how heavy, it’s weighing upon us.”
Ryden also lamented how the younger generation, which has become suicidal, is being bombarded with unreal propaganda. She also commented that while truth brings freedom, the American people continue to listen to the lies that separate them. Moreover, the TXAPN member said many Americans do not want God, only the things He can give them.
She then urged Americans to be unafraid to speak, start being a voice and step out as best they can to bring forth the truth about what is really happening in the nation. She quoted well-known evangelical leader Lance Wallnau, who said true Christians are now standing up for truth and standing up against the government.
According to Hicks, there are now plans to get rid of Christians as they are speaking out against the evil that is happening in America. She pointed out that only Christians are targeted while other religious groups are left alone. The targeting of Christians as a political entity that needs to be shut down, Hicks explained, is part of the bigger plan to keep Americans divided.
Hopley: Fires of racism stoked by propaganda

Lindy-Ann Hopley of Beautiful Witness Ministries, Hicks’ second guest, pointed out the effects of propaganda pushed by the mainstream media. She compared this to adding gasoline on a fire of trauma, bitterness and hatred.
The South African evangelist mentioned that the apartheid policy in her own country was a product of propaganda that sought to pit Black people against White people. According to Hopley, Black Lives Matter is not about seeking reconciliation and empowering Blacks, but more about slandering their name. She urged America to wake up before things descend to destruction. (Related: The propaganda of the Left is a weapon of war.)
Hopley remarked that Black people are being led in the wrong direction by giving in to hatred. This has released a stronghold of bitterness that has engulfed the nation.
However, she pointed out that the government fears unity. She told Hicks that a radical takeover happens when they are able to break any unity which makes the people weaker. The evangelist added that if the people actually rise up together, they become the majority.
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