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    Amid Genocide Alert, Racist New Black Panthers Hit South Africa

    Before the New Black Panthers were in Ferguson, they were in South Africa advocating for white genocide.
    hursday, 21 March 2013. Since Eric Holder runs cover for them and allows Black on white hate crimes, one has to wonder if this isn't what he would like as well. It is past time to impeach and remove this racist and corrupt Attorney General. JMO

    Amid Genocide Alert, Racist New Black Panthers Hit South Africa

    Written by Alex Newman

    Even as the world’s most prominent expert on genocide warns that South Africa’s European-descent Afrikaner population is on the verge of government-linked extermination, the virulently racist U.S.-based “New Black Panther Party” has a delegation visiting the so-called “Rainbow nation” — a country now ruled by a president who openly sings about murdering whites. The NBPP and its leadership have regularly called for genocide against white South Africans as well, so critics of the visit are expressing alarm, concerned that the officially recognized hate group is agitating for further ethnic cleansing while collaborating with genocidal elements within the regimes ruling South Africa and Zimbabwe.

    On the NBPP’s official website, the New Black Panthers boast about their “historic” trip to Marxist-ruled Zimbabwe and South Africa, which the anti-white and anti-Semitic organization refers to as “Azania.” During broadcasted conference calls about the visit posted online, members and leaders of the group were caught plotting to accelerate the elimination of European-descent South Africans from their homeland. On the call, participants claimed they would "raise up a black army" and offer military training, bragging about collaborating with people who have murdered whites and calling for more racist killings.

    The NBPP did not return a request for comment from The New American. However, according to a statement released online, the vaguely outlined purposes of the visit apparently include creating a better future as well as uniting African and black countries. In reality, as the group’s publicly available radio shows and frequent genocidal remarks demonstrate, the true purpose of the ongoing visit is more likely to help pursue the ultimate extermination of all European-descent Africans from the region.

    The official NBPP statement, which was filled with spelling and grammar mistakes, also indicated that the “home coming visit” was being coordinated with the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) and brutal dictator Robert Mugabe’s “Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front” (ZANU–PF). The socialist so-called “Pan African Congress” also played a role in arranging the trip, which includes NBPP members from various countries including the United States and goes from March 19 until the 27th.

    “This is not just a visit but a historic journey that may UNITE AFRICAN/BLACK Nation's [sic],” the group said on its website. “It is a visit in which, 20 and 30 years from now, men and women will speak about it and write of it [sic]. To all my brothers and sisters we ask each and everyone [sic] of you to give your full support to make this historic journey a success, wherever you are, support us spiritually, physically, especially financially [sic] if you can please contact and Support the Revolutionary Roots tour 2013 [sic].”

    Critics and Afrikaner activists, however, are frightened by the “historic” visit, pointing to the NBPP’s history of calling for the extermination of whites — something that, according to Genocide Watch, is already in the planning phases in South Africa, probably with official help from the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party (SACP) regime. In Zimbabwe, white farmers have already been eliminated under the Mugabe regime, oftentimes enduring barbaric torture and even murder as the despot and his minions sought to “redistribute” the wealth. Today, the nation is starving to death, dependent on international aid after the economy imploded.

    As late as last year, the NBPP were openly calling for genocide against white South Africans on the radio. “We give them 24 hours in South Africa to get out of town by sundown. I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies, we kill the blind, we kill the cripple,” former NBPP National Chairman Khalid Muhammad, who led the group until his death in 2001, said in a speech that was re-broadcasted by the organization on its radio program as late as August of last year. “I say God d[***]it we kill them all.... If they are white, kill ’em all.”

    Muhammad, who worked for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam prior to assuming power at the NBPP, also explained why he thought white woman and children needed to be murdered, too. “Why kill the women? Why kill the babies? They are just innocent blue-eyed babies? Because God d[***]it they are going to grow up one day to rule your babies. Kill them now,” he fumed. “Why kill the women in South Africa? I say kill the women because the women are the military manufacturing center, and every nine months they lay down on their backs and reinforcement rolls out from between their legs. So shut down the military manufacturing center by killing the white woman.”

    Of course, even before the NBPP arrived in Southern Africa, opponents of the visit were trying desperately to halt it. A petition to deny visas to the delegates was signed by hundreds of South Africans. The petition cited NBPP statements about the true purpose of its visit: “To ignite the continent in self-determination and drive out blood sucking colonizers robbing our motherland.” Other critics pointed to NBPP claims that the mission was to bring the late chairman’s vision — genocide of all whites, many of whose descendants arrived there hundreds of years ago — to fruition.

    Friends for Humanity, a U.S.-based non-profit human rights group dedicated to raising awareness about the genocidal preparations in South Africa, said it “strongly objects” to the “revolutionary tour” by NBPP members. “Their deliberate hate speech and incitement to murder towards the already-marginalized European minority in South Africa should not be tolerated,” co-founder Sonia Hruska, a former consultant for the Mandela administration, told The New American on behalf of the group. “The European minority in South Africa is already facing level 6 out of 8 on the genocide scale [developed by Genocide Watch] and is also subjected to the ANC regime’s second transition, which is defined as a radical call to finalize ‘economic freedom.’ ”

    Hruska pointed to the vicious ANC-Communist Party government-mandated discrimination faced by the European minority in business, trade, employment, education, and more. “Their defense mechanisms have been removed through disarmament and the removal of the effective policing structures that protected them, which places them in grave danger of being tortured and attacked,” she added, saying that especially troubling is the NBPP’s declared goal of exterminating whites. “This incitement to genocide cannot be tolerated and we wish to call on readers to take action to boycott and condemn this visit.”

    Thousands of South African families, Hruska continued, “are already mourning the brutal torture, rape and murder of family members as per the New Black Panther vision.” She also pointed out that NBPP members in South Africa are calling for the use of brutal tactics to bring about Khalid Muhammad’s vision of genocide including barbaric, unimaginable torture.

    “It is unthinkable that people want to practice such inhumane torture methods, but unfortunately it is already in use and many European-minority victims and their families can attest to that,” Hruska explained, referring to the barbaric terrorism being perpetrated against white South Africans. “We have a collective responsibility to eradicate such behavior, starting by strongly objecting to such incitement of genocide and by refusing to accept this in any form.”

    International Afrikaner Society President Hannes Louw echoed those remarks in a statement to The New American. “Today Afrikaners are not only being tortured, raped and brutally murdered but they also victims of a well-coordinated set of actions aimed at the destruction of the essential foundations of Afrikaner life in South Africa,” Louw said. “The objectives of this Afrikanercide are the disintegration of political and social institutions, of culture, of language, of economic existence, the destruction of the personal security, liberty, dignity, and ultimately extermination of Afrikaner people in South Africa.”

    Louw said the society has taken note that the racist NBPP’s goal is to fulfill the legacy of its former chairman — the total extermination of all whites in Southern Africa, as he himself declared. Given the history of the political groups in South Africa and Zimbabwe that organized this excursion, Louw wondered if the visit might be related to the ongoing targeted extermination of innocent and predominantly white Christian Afrikaners. Based on the NBPP’s own statements, most analysts assume that it is.

    “Edmund Burke’s observation that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing is still very relevant today,” the International Afrikaner Society chief said. “We call on all Americans and Afrikaners alike, familiarize yourselves with the situation in South Africa and take action to stop the evil that is currently taking place in what was once the light of Africa.”

    Of course, South Africans are not the only ones dealing with NBPP problems. After the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, for example, the group threatened to start a race war and murder white Americans simply because of the color of their skin. Before that, the group’s members were caught on video violating federal law by standing outside of polling places with weapons and intimidating voters — a crime that drew outrage from across the political spectrum when Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department refused to prosecute it.

    “The NBPP is a recognized hate group that is explicitly anti-Semitic and anti-white,” explained the federal U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in a 2010 report entitled Race Neutral Enforcement of the Law? DOJ and the New Black Panther Party Litigation. “Party members often appear in public wearing paramilitary uniforms and carrying weapons. According to Party rules, all panthers must learn to operate and service weapons correctly. In addition, officials are given military titles and the Party advocates armed struggle and violence against its enemies.”

    As Zimbabwe continues its brutal descent into ruin, it appears that Mugabe, the NBPP, and powerful elements of the South African ruling establishment hope to see the same phenomenon in South Africa. The ANC-Communist Party regime has become famous for murdering its black opponents in the most barbaric ways imaginable. Meanwhile, many thousands of European-descent Africans — especially farmers, who are being targeted with increasing ferocity and regularity — have already been massacred since 1994. If the NBPP and its racist allies get their way, the rest will soon follow.

    This is all about Wealth redistribution.

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    This is Shabazz on a broadcast. Tell me why this is not hate speech? Eric Holder must think the same way. JMO


    a year ago
    Broadcast in Radio

    Representatives of President Robert Mugabe and the ZANU PF Party of Zimbabwe will be on the radio along with Leading Officers of the PAC- Pan African Congress of Azania Veteran anti apartheid guerilla freedom fighters and Delegation Member/ Pastor Ted Sutton will all be on with Chairman Mali Zulu Shabazz

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    a year ago
    Broadcast in Social Networking

    Tags:Khallid Abdul MuhammadMalik Zulu ShabazzChawn Saddam KweliNew Black PanthersREVOLUTIONARY ROOTS 2013

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    Looks like he is proving this to be true

    Wednesday, 02 March 2011 15:00Holder Reveals Underlying Racism in DOJ Treatment of Black Panther Case

    Written by Raven Clabough

    Though evidence of racism in the Justice Department has been evident for some time, Attorney General Eric Holder finally admitted to it on March 1, when he confessed that the Department was lax in the voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party because they are African American.

    Politico reports: "Holder’s frustration over the criticism became evident during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing as Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) accused the Justice Department of failing to cooperate with a Civil Rights Commission investigation into the handling of the 2008 incident in which Black Panthers in intimidating outfits and wielding a club stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia."

    Allegations that the Justice Department failed to cooperate with the Civil Rights Commission Investigation were leveled by Christopher Coates, the former voting chief for the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. On September 24, Coates gave testimony before the same commission indicating that the Justice Department had a different attitude toward civil rights violations against black Americans than it did toward violations against white Americans.

    According to Coates, the Justice Department bowed to pressures to dismiss the voter intimidation case from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as well as from individuals within the Justice Department.
    Prior to the accusations of Coates, J. Christian Adams testified in July 2010 against the Justice Department, asserting that the agency bore hostility toward taking cases where perpetrators were black and the victims were white. According to Fox News, Adams quit over the handling of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party, and "accused his former employer of instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involved black defendants and white victims." Adams added, "We abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens."

    Of the Justice Department’s handling of the voter-intimidation case, The New American’s Bruce Walker wrote:

    The case exposes the problems caused when government tries to especially protect a certain class of citizens. The supporters of those departments and bureaus tasked to protect those particular citizens almost inevitably are special interest organizations such as the NAACP. And it is not unusual for bureaucrats to leave government for a cushy job in one of those special-interest firms. The relationship, almost inevitably, becomes incestuous. This grows, over time, into an institutional bias which seems quite natural to those who inhabit the closed world of advocacy for these special classes of citizens.
    On March 1, Holder not only defended the Justice Department’s handling of the case, but appeared personally offended by statements provided by former Democratic activist Bartle Bull, who called the Black Panther case the most blatant example of voter intimidation he had witnessed in his career. Holder retorted,

    Think about that. When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia — which was inappropriate, certainly ... to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people.

    Holder continued to make it a personal issue as he touted the role his sister-in-law played in the integration of the University of Alabama, adding,

    To compare that kind of courage, that kind of action, and to say that the Black Panther incident — wrong thought it might be — [is] somehow greater in magnitude or is of greater concern to us, historically, I think just flies in the face of history and the facts.

    When Rep. Culberson insisted, “There’s clearly evidence, overwhelming evidence, that your Department of Justice refuses to protect the rights of anybody other than African Americans to vote,” Holder outright denied it: “I would disagree very vehemently with the notion that there’s overwhelming evidence that that is in fact true. This Department of Justice does not enforce the law in a race-conscious way.”

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    Eight Stages of Genocide explained by Gregory H. Stanton

    Eight Stages Of Genocide

    Genocide is a process that develops in eight stages that are predictable but not inexorable. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The process is not linear. Logically, later stages must be preceded by earlier stages. But all stages continue to operate throughout the process.POWERPOINT PRESENTATION


    By Gregory H. Stanton, President, Genocide Watch
    Genocide is a process that develops in eight stages that are predictable but not inexorable. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The process is not linear. Logically, later stages must be preceded by earlier stages. But all stages continue to operate throughout the process.

    Classification | Symbolization | Dehumanization | Organization | Polarization | Preparation | Extermination | Denial

    1. CLASSIFICATION: All cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality: German and Jew, Hutu and Tutsi. Bipolar societies that lack mixed categories, such as Rwanda and Burundi, are the most likely to have genocide. The main preventive measure at this early stage is to develop universalistic institutions that transcend ethnic or racial divisions, that actively promote tolerance and understanding, and that promote classifications that transcend the divisions. The Catholic church could have played this role in Rwanda, had it not been riven by the same ethnic cleavages as Rwandan society. Promotion of a common language in countries like Tanzania has also promoted transcendent national identity. This search for common ground is vital to early prevention of genocide.

    2. SYMBOLIZATION: We give names or other symbols to the classifications. We name people “Jews” or “Gypsies”, or distinguish them by colors or dress; and apply the symbols to members of groups. Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide unless they lead to the next stage, dehumanization. When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups: the yellow star for Jews under Nazi rule, the blue scarf for people from the Eastern Zone in Khmer Rouge Cambodia. To combat symbolization, hate symbols can be legally forbidden (swastikas) as can hate speech. Group marking like gang clothing or tribal scarring can be outlawed, as well. The problem is that legal limitations will fail if unsupported by popular cultural enforcement. Though Hutu and Tutsi were forbidden words in Burundi until the 1980′s, code-words replaced them. If widely supported, however, denial of symbolization can be powerful, as it was in Bulgaria, where the government refused to supply enough yellow badges and at least eighty percent of Jews did not wear them, depriving the yellow star of its significance as a Nazi symbol for Jews

    .3. DEHUMANIZATION: One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder. At this stage, hate propaganda in print and on hate radios is used to vilify the victim group. In combating this dehumanization, incitement to genocide should not be confused with protected speech. Genocidal societies lack constitutional protection for countervailing speech, and should be treated differently than democracies. Local and international leaders should condemn the use of hate speech and make it culturally unacceptable. Leaders who incite genocide should be banned from international travel and have their foreign finances frozen. Hate radio stations should be shut down, and hate propaganda banned. Hate crimes and atrocities should be promptly punished.

    4. ORGANIZATION: Genocide is always organized, usually by the state, often using militias to provide deniability of state responsibility (the Janjaweed in Darfur.) Sometimes organization is informal (Hindu mobs led by local RSS militants) or decentralized (terrorist groups.) Special army units or militias are often trained and armed. Plans are made for genocidal killings. To combat this stage, membership in these militias should be outlawed. Their leaders should be denied visas for foreign travel. The U.N. should impose arms embargoes on governments and citizens of countries involved in genocidal massacres, and create commissions to investigate violations, as was done in post-genocide Rwanda.

    5. POLARIZATION: Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Laws may forbid intermarriage or social interaction. Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing the center. Moderates from the perpetrators’ own group are most able to stop genocide, so are the first to be arrested and killed. Prevention may mean security protection for moderate leaders or assistance to human rights groups. Assets of extremists may be seized, and visas for international travel denied to them. Coups d’état by extremists should be opposed by international sanctions.

    6. PREPARATION: Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols. Their property is expropriated. They are often segregated into ghettoes, deported into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved. At this stage, a Genocide Emergency must be declared. If the political will of the great powers, regional alliances, or the U.N. Security Council can be mobilized, armed international intervention should be prepared, or heavy assistance provided to the victim group to prepare for its self-defense. Otherwise, at least humanitarian assistance should be organized by the U.N. and private relief groups for the inevitable tide of refugees to come.

    7. EXTERMINATION begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called “genocide.” It is “extermination” to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human. When it is sponsored by the state, the armed forces often work with militias to do the killing. Sometimes the genocide results in revenge killings by groups against each other, creating the downward whirlpool-like cycle of bilateral genocide (as in Burundi). At this stage, only rapid and overwhelming armed intervention can stop genocide. Real safe areas or refugee escape corridors should be established with heavily armed international protection. (An unsafe “safe” area is worse than none at all.) The U.N. Standing High Readiness Brigade, EU Rapid Response Force, or regional forces — should be authorized to act by the U.N. Security Council if the genocide is small. For larger interventions, a multilateral force authorized by the U.N. should intervene. If the U.N. is paralyzed, regional alliances must act. It is time to recognize that the international responsibility to protect transcends the narrow interests of individual nation states. If strong nations will not provide troops to intervene directly, they should provide the airlift, equipment, and financial means necessary for regional states to intervene.

    8. DENIAL is the eighth stage that always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile. There they remain with impunity, like Pol Pot or Idi Amin, unless they are captured and a tribunal is established to try them. The response to denial is punishment by an international tribunal or national courts. There the evidence can be heard, and the perpetrators punished. Tribunals like the Yugoslav or Rwanda Tribunals, or an international tribunal to try the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or an International Criminal Court may not deter the worst genocidal killers. But with the political will to arrest and prosecute them, some may be brought to justice.Source –

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    BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, orders ALL Whites to Leave their Land .. by Fred Brownbill

    by Fred Brownbill on July 5, 2014 in Activists, News

    For those of you Americans who get their news from the Obama friendly main stream media, you may not have noticed that Robert Mugabe, the Marxist dictator of Zimbabwe, a puppet Marxist put in power with no little help from the United States under President Carter and his friend Andrew Young as well as the UN, the United Kingdom, Sweden and India, has ordered all remaining whites off their lands. This is surely the largest single and very blatant act of racism to date from that man and I would have expected a huge cry out from all the other countries in the world as to the racist overtones, but no, because it is about reverse racism, that is against whites by blacks, America and the rest of the world is quiet. Amazing.

    I have copied this evil mans words below for your consumption and would make the following comment. I believe that the racist Obama Administration led by Barack Hussein Obama, a known and proven racist, along with his wife and supported by the most racist AG, Mr Eric Holder who alone has shown he will use his high office time and time again to support reverse racism, are secretly wishing that they too could do something similar.

    HARARE, Thursday

    Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has renewed his onslaught against white farmers saying they would no longer be allowed to own land in the country.

    The 90 year-old old leader, who launched a violent land reform program in 2,000 that displaced the majority of the 4,000 white commercial farmers, on Wednesday said Zimbabwe was no country for white farmers.

    “There are white farmers who are still on the land and have the protection of some Cabinet ministers and politicians as well as traditional leaders,” President Mugabe said.

    “That should never happen and we will deal with ministers but as for our chiefs we do not want to harass you. We do not want trouble.

    “I have been given a list of 35 white farmers in Mashonaland West (province) alone and in just a few districts that have been audited.
    “We say no to whites owning our land and they should go.

    “They can own companies and apartments in our towns and cities but not the soil.

    “It is ours and that message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States.”

    President Mugabe has often justified the wholesale seizure of productive farms saying he was correcting historical injustices.

    However, the land reform program saw Zimbabwe’s agriculture based economy taking a serious knock and the country’s now experiences perennial food shortages.

    “We will not pay for our land and we will not ask our people to pay for it because they never paid for it in the first place,” he added.

    “They were selling to each other amongst themselves and we will not recognize any of that nonsense.

    “They were living like kings and queens on our land and we chucked them out. Now we want all of it.”

    America, this is a great wrong as well as suicide for a nation that already cannot provide anywhere enough food for its’ peoples. I know I am from Rhodesia and many of you cannot imagine what it is like to lose the country of your birth and to be banned from it, but it is a continuing hurt when I read all the injustices done to the people of that land of my birth, regardless to their color. I see many things of great similarity happening here in America and am petrified that in my life time, I may lose two countries.

    I would like all of you to contact your local media, papers, radio and TV et al and to ask them why this news is not being carried. I know why, deep in my heart I know why.

    Mugabe, a man with a black heart and soul and a mass murderer lives a great life. At 90 he has lived three times longer than the average life span of his fellow black citizens which has more than halved since his rise to power. He lives in a huge mansion he had built, picture below, and travels the world. His wife spends money like it is water, which in itself is a luxury there for the people. He had an incredible, private catholic school education, something pretty much denied to his people. Unemployment now stands at a staggering 80+%, much land lies barren, natural resources are being plundered by the Chinese and are not benefiting the citizens of Zimbabwe.

    His North Korean trained and controlled private guard, the Fifth Brigade, responsible for the massacre named Gukurahundi, shortly after he took power, still controls a lot of what happens in Zimbabwe with total violence.
    Graphic photos at link.

    Some info and pictures from

    These sentiments echo the statements made by LaRaza based groups such as La Von de Aztlan,Mexica movement etc.

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