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Another State Races Against Time To Pass Bill To Nullify Obama’s Gun Control

Posted by Dom The Conservative On March 18, 2014 0 Comment

All across the country, individuals and states are in open rebellion over existing or even potential federal gun control. A gun store owner in California recently refused to hand over a list of his customers to the ATF after they demanded over 5,000 names of individuals who bought his products.
On the state level, the state of Idaho just passed an emergency measure to protect the right of its citizens to bear arms. The bill would prevent state officers from cooperating with the feds to enforce future federal gun control laws. The states of Missouri and Arizona are organizing states to rebel against federal gun control through nullification as well.

Kentucky has now joined the list of states considering nullification to gut potential federal gun control measures, as the legislature is now considering a bill with 13 cosponsors that would invalidate any federal law disarming Kentuckians.
Author: Dom The Conservative

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