Armed Man Gathers People Together in Dollar General Breakroom, but Concealed Carry Holder Saves Them

By Kyle Becker
1 day ago

When Kevin Mclaughlin entered the Dollar General in Orrville, Alabama, he probably didn’t expect it would be the last thing he would ever do. Brandishing a pistol, the man began herding people into the breakroom. But concealed permit holder Marlo Ellis waited until the right moment to gun down the potential murderer, which led many to call him a ‘Good Samaritan’ and a true hero.
The man is not set to be charged with any crime for defending himself and others against the masked gunman.
Surely, this isn’t the sort of thing liberals have in mind when they seek to ban firearms. But people who feel a responsibility to protect themselves and others are well aware that there are bad people out there, both inside and outside of government, and know that firearms not only end lives, but can also save them.