Army Builds Fake Training Town That Looks Like Rural Small Town USA

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at 1:24 am.
by: Rick Wells

When you’ve got unlimited funds and a dream, what do you do? Why not build a fake, movie-set type of town to use in military drills? It’s true that there are large areas of Detroit and other cities which have been razed or which are abandoned. While some of those could have been picked up for next to nothing, this one is in Virginia, and that convenience is worth a lot.

The US army just completed construction of a fake city which is intended to simulate a real town during combat training exercises. It features a five story embassy, a bank, a school, an underground subway and train station, as well as a mosque, football stadium and helicopter landing zone.

The location in Virginia is complete to the last detail, with the subway cars and station even carrying the logo of the existing Washington DC transit system.

They even built bridges and multi-purpose buildings which can be configured in whatever form is needed, for an additional cost.

And what a bargain, at just $96 million, who could say no?

The training center was opened last month in an exercise by the Army Asymmetric Warfare Group.

A great feature of the city is it looks just like any other town in America, so practicing against those suspected conservative or Tea Party terrorists, who might be found in the city church, can be much more realistic. There is also a mosque, just in case radical Islam should fall out of favor under a future administration.

Colonel John P. Petkosek, describing the fake city said, “This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet,”
“This is where we’ll look at solutions for the future–material solutions and non-material solutions…anything from how you’re going to operate in a subterranean environment to how you dismount a Humvee to avoid an IED strike. The things that we do here at this facility will have a direct and lasting impact on our entire army.”

The construction comes as a time when many Americans are feeling as though they are being targeted by their government. We are putting a lot of resources into training and arming against a domestic terror threat that is being depicted more and more as looking and behaving like the average American.

It took six years for the site to become a reality, with four years of planning followed by two years of construction.

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