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Thread: Attorney Lin Wood, patriot group, call on Trump to use wartime executive powers like

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    Attorney Lin Wood, patriot group, call on Trump to use wartime executive powers like

    Attorney Lin Wood, patriot group, call on Trump to use wartime executive powers like Lincoln did and order new, fair elections under military authority

    Wednesday, December 02, 2020 by: JD Heyes

    (Natural News) As the old saying goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures” — and we are very obviously living in desperate times.
    It seems very clear to thinking, rational Americans that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump. The evidence and the affidavits being collected and produced by the president’s campaign legal staff and others including Lin Wood and Sidney Powell is overwhelming.
    But the problem is, there are too many cowards — on federal and state courts and in state legislatures in key battlegrounds — who deny the obvious just so they don’t have to do the right thing and act boldly to save our republic.
    Because let’s face it: If we don’t have free and fair elections anymore, and it’s obvious we don’t, then our country no longer belongs to the American people. If we allow this election theft to occur, then ‘they’ will have stolen the last functional institution bequeathed to us by earlier generations of citizens.
    And they will continue stealing elections until they change our system of government empowering them to rule ‘legally’ for the rest of our days (which would also render our republic dead).
    So — times are desperate. And patriots are stepping up to call on President Trump to take desperate measures to save our Constitution and revitalize our institutions.
    “Good morning. Our country is headed to civil war. A war created by 3rd party bad actors for their benefit – not for We The People. Communist China is leading the nefarious efforts to take away our freedom. @realDonaldTrump should declare martial law,” Wood wrote on Twitter Monday.
    In his post, he tweet-quoted a press release from a patriot group called We The People Foundation, which makes the identical recommendation. (Related: Situation Update – Dec. 1st – ROGUE government must be ABOLISHED by the people.)
    A statement from that group says, in part:
    Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, published a full page ad in the Washington Times newspaper demanding that President Trump Invoke limited Martial law in order to allow the U.S. Military to oversee a new free and fair federal election if Legislators, Courts and the Congress do not follow the Constitution. …
    The Ad compares the Extraordinary Executive actions implemented by President Abraham Lincoln in his efforts to save the Union during the Civil War and the literal civil war that is dividing our nation today. Without full confidence that our courts or Congress will indeed follow the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and defend our electoral process, the ad calls upon President Trump, like Lincoln, to exercise the Extraordinary Powers of his office and declare limited Martial Law to temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections in order to have the military implement a national re-vote that reflects the true will of the people. Federal candidates only. Paper ballots. No computers. Hand-counted with both parties watching every vote. Only registered voters. Photo ID to prove residence. Conducted safely with everyone wearing masks and six feet apart, just like we did in Ohio.
    What did Lincoln do?
    — He ordered hundreds of newspapers in the North that spoke out against his wartime actions and policies to be shut down and their owners and editors arrested;
    — After Lincoln heard that U.S. Supreme Court Roger Taney ruled he violated the Constitution when he suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus, he ordered the chief justice arrested (he never was, though);
    — He ordered the arrest of thousands of people in Maryland suspected of being Southern sympathizers;
    — He also ordered the raising of an Army and expansion of the Navy without congressional approval or funding.
    “While some debate these measures still today, no one disagrees that Lincoln and his use of Presidential power were responsible for saving the Republic. While History, and even former President Obama, has judged Lincoln as perhaps our greatest President, few would have agreed at the time he took those actions,” the press released added. “Then, as now, a President with courage and determination was needed to preserve the Union. Today, the current threat to our United States by the international and domestic socialist/communist left is much more serious than anything Lincoln or our nation has faced in its history – including the civil war.”
    “It is OUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to elect our President and that sacred right has been infringed by the massive, planned, illegal election fraud conducted by corrupt Democrat/Socialist Party operatives across our nation to steal our vote. We will NOT stand for it,” Zawistowski said.
    The time is now. We either fight for this republic, or we lose it forever. It’s that simple.
    Stay current on the brewing civil war between the left and right in America at
    Sources include:

    Attorney Lin Wood, patriot group, call on Trump to use wartime executive powers like Lincoln did and order new, fair elections under military authority –
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    A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is stunning!”

    Wednesday, December 02, 2020 by: Mike Adams

    (Natural News) John Fredericks interviews Lin Wood, Dec. 1st, 2020: Full transcript by – full video shown at the bottom of this transcript.
    Audio Transcript
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood, thanks for being with us, sir.
    Lin Wood: Good morning. I guess you are finding that our mainstream media is not telling the American public the truth about this election. That does not surprise me. As I’ve said, many times, the mainstream media, I believe, is a propaganda tool for third party, bad actors, who are attempting in effect to overthrow our government, and to interfere in the election of a duly elected president of the United States. I think you’re going to see a lot of developments over the next several days that will wake up this country to foreign interference in our national election.
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood, tell us about your victory last night. You had a victory, then it got reversed. Then you did a zoom call, it got reversed again. Where are we with that now, sir?
    Lin Wood: Well, the court initially had impounded the voting machines, the Dominion machines, and all counties throughout Georgia. There was an interesting issue raised by the Secretary of State, claiming that he had no authority over the various counties. That’s utter nonsense, and it’s a misrepresentation of the truth.
    The Dominion voting machines were purchased by the State of Georgia and not the individual counties, and the Secretary of State controls how those machines are utilized in each county. The Judge though was misled, I believe by the Secretary of State and then he changed his order. We got back before the court last night, and the court did in fact rule that in three counties. Those machines must be impounded so that we have a chance to do a mirror image of the computer drives. This is going to prove somewhere down the road in the near future. Without any question that these machines and the software used for manipulated.
    Dominion originated in Venezuela, it’s a Canadian company. Servers were used in Barcelona and in Frankfurt. There’s no question that there’s going to be overwhelming evidence that foreign countries, including China, were involved in interfering with our national election. I think your viewers and listeners should recognize that the President of the United States, that was what he’s doing. Back in September of 2018, there was an executive order put in place, which gave the President the authority working with other members of the government to impose sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States election.
    If I were Governor Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger, I would not be sleeping very well tonight. Time is coming up. Soon, when the provisions of that order, I believe, will be enforced, is going to be any number of individuals, including members of the media who were involved with foreign actors and tried to undermine our election, which is a clear and present danger and threat to this country.
    The Democrats for years, first two to three years of the Trump’s presidency, complained about Russia. That turned out to be a hoax. What we’re going to find out in the next several days is this is not a hoax now. This country had its national election interfered with by foreign actors who were complicit with citizens of the United States. There are severe sanctions. I believe ultimately a lot of people are going to jail as they should.
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood let me ask you this. Lin Wood with us noted the attorney in Atlanta filed this lawsuit. Why did Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger last night fight so hard to not have the forensic analysis done on these Dominion machines? And why were they in such a hurry to get all the data on the machines wiped, clean? Why sir?
    Lin Wood: They’re guilty. Simple truths or simple truth. He who has nothing to hide, had nothing. The Secretary of State is taking every action he can through lawyers to try to prevent an inspection of these machines. He has something to hide. The governor Brian Kemp is hiding in the basement of the governor’s mansion on West Paces Ferry. He has something to hide. You don’t see much of Joe Biden. He has something to hide.
    There are any number of individuals associated with the Democratic Party nationally and any number of individuals associated with the Democratic Party, and even the Republican Party nationally and locally that have something to hide. But I believe that every lie will be revealed and the truth is going to come out, about who was involved with foreign actors and trying to interfere with and subvert the legal processes of this country as it relates to our national election.
    Once again, we have to be patient. The report on this executive order has to be done within 45 days of the election. I think over the course of the next several weeks, or days even, this country is going to be shocked at the level of foreign interference where American citizens were involved, government officials, political officials, members of the media. There’s going to be a day of reckoning John, and the consequences are going to be for those who tried to tamper with our country’s election.
    John Fredericks: All right, walk us through. Lin Wood with us noted Attorney Lin Wood filed the suit. Walk us through the emergency declaration that you got. The ruling on that for your emergency hearing on Wednesday. Walk us through that and tell us what you potentially expect Lin Wood.
    Lin Wood: We expect to have our experts, a team of experts, go into three counties and the state to analyze and mirror the hard drives of certain of these Dominion voting machines. The way it’s set up right now, their results will be delivered to the court. There’s some other legal issues that have to be ironed out and worked out, but we believe that ultimately we’ll be able to present that information to the court, and that information will show that these machines were tampered with, and algorithms were put into place. Even where every Democrat started off with 35,000 votes, nice advantage to start off with. An algorithms that gave fractional votes, for example, a vote for Joe Biden would get 1.25 votes and a vote for President Trump would get something like 0.6 or 0.7 of a vote. That was an algorithm placed in that machine that defrauded the American public.
    Then you add on top of that, the blatant fraud that was perpetrated through the mail-in ballots, where you had tens of thousands, in some states hundreds of thousands, of ballots that were pristine. They were only votes for Biden with no down-ballot votes that had almost perfect computer bubble markings.
    Listen, the combination of the voting machines from Venezuela/Canada, combined with the paper ballots, some of which were manufactured in China is going to be undisputably shown to have taken or attempted to take a landslide victory from President Trump, upwards of 410 electoral votes, 80 million votes, popular vote, to have tampered with and interfered with the election of this country, where we re-elected the President by a landslide and foreign actors working with, I can’t think of the right term, I would say traders in America, tried to flip that result by fraud. People are going to go to jail, they’re going to lose their property. There’s going to be a day of reckoning soon.
    John Fredericks: So Lin Wood, you believe based on what you’ve seen and based on the suit that you filed, that when the forensic analysis is done of these machines, you’ve only got three counties right? Cherokee Gwinnett, and what’s the other one?
    Lin Wood: Cobb.
    John Fredericks: You’ve only got three counties. You didn’t get Fulton County, but you’ve got three. You actually believe that when the analysis is done, that is going to show in the software that there was actually algorithms put in to cheat President Trump votes and to overcalculate for Biden, and that is going to be what you’re saying now, you believe that that is going to be evidence, that it’s going to be hard. Hard solid evidence.
    Lin Wood: It is going to be hard, solid evidence. It’s hard to get your arms around the mass amount of evidence of fraud. This fraud was perpetrated in a number of ways and it’s so blatant that it has to raise in a reasonable person’s mind, the fact that they knew they were going to get caught. I believe and have for some time believed that the Democrats didn’t intend to elect Joe Biden, he’s a criminal, or Kabala Harris as I call her, I think she is a communist sympathizer. Why would they run these people for president and vice-president of the United States? Why would they then commit blatant fraud with respect to our election?
    If you follow the playbook of a color revolution, you’re going to find that one of the integral parts of color revolution is a disputed election. I think they wanted us to find out. I think they wanted to create turmoil in our country, with some people believing Biden won, others looking at the facts and realizing that President Trump won.
    I think they are bad actors in this country that do not love our constitution, do not love our country, do not love our freedom that they want to take over our country. I don’t believe that President Trump is ever going to allow that to happen. I know the American people are not going to allow that to happen. This country is full of Patriots. We’ve grown up all our lives loving freedom. We’re not going to let somebody come over here and steal our lifestyle, and our God-given right to be free. So, I think there’s going to be trouble in this country. I think it’s going to arise out of a disputed election, but at the end of the day, I believe that America, a country founded under God is going to prevail.
    We just got some tough days ahead, but I believe that President Trump is going to ultimately keep his campaign promise from 2016. He’s going to drain the swamp, he’s going to expose the wrongdoers in this country, and we’re going to have a great next four years with President Donald J. Trump, running a country that is free of foreign influence, free of these people that have committed crimes for their own money, their own pocketbooks, many of them for their own political ideology. Not everybody in the Democratic and Republican party loves America. We have been, I believe, infiltrated over the last two to three decades by people who are communist or communist sympathizers, or people like Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who have taken China money that’s dirty. It took money into Dominion deal. Kemp took money when he bought a bunch of supplies for COVID test kits, masks, gowns from China. Why would the Governor of the State of Georgia in effect buy bullets from the enemy when you’re in a war?
    China is involved in this up to its neck. They launched a virus in this country, COVID-19. I believe it was in effect a biological weapon. If the individual citizens of this country love freedom, if they love the rule of law, then they need to be patient, let the President and the people that are responsible for our government’s effective operation, give them time to work. We’re working in the court systems, but we’re working in the court of public opinion. At the end of the day, it’s not going to be courts that decide this, it’s not going to be legislatures to decide this, while they may be their procedural tools. This election is going to be decided where it should. It’s going to be decided by we, the people. We people voted for Donald Trump, and we’re going to make sure that our vote counts. We’re not going to have it stolen by a bunch of criminals and foreign actors.
    John Fredericks: So Lin, would you believe that the lawsuit that you filed and the 104 page lawsuit that Sidney Powell filed in Georgia, you believe that once you get an open hearing and present this evidence to an impartial judge, you’re going to prevail. Is that what I’m understanding?
    Lin Wood: You are understanding that correctly? I think the evidence is overwhelming. We are going to prevail in a court of law, but then there are other problems. I personally filed a lawsuit to expose the shenanigans of Brad Raffensperger wearing a back-room deal in March of 2020. He got together with the Democratic party, represented by Perkins Coie, the Hillary Clinton law firm, and tried to cut a deal that changed the rules applicable to the election. He did not take it to the legislature. Members of the legislature didn’t even know that he had done it until I filed the lawsuit. This is a backroom deal. That’s going to be exposed.
    The fraud in the case that Sidney Powell has filed is going to be overwhelming, and states around the country that were key to this election. The American public is going to learn the truth. The rule of law is going to prevail, but there’s a large number of people in this country John, that simply do not want to accept the fact that we are a free society. They’ve got their financial interests involved. They developed this propaganda against Donald Trump, who if you look at the facts has served this country well and has kept his campaign promises from 2016. One of those promises was to drain the swamp don’t ever bet against Donald Trump. He’s going to Trump them all. I believe in the end, he’s going to keep that campaign promise, and these people who tried to steal this election, they’re going to go to jail as well they should.
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood, do you believe that on January 20th, Donald J. Trump is going to put his hand on that family Bible?
    Lin Wood: There’s no question in my mind that Donald J. Trump on January the 20th will be sworn in for four more years as President of United States. I think when all of the truth comes out and people understand what the bad actors tried to do to this country, Donald Trump is going to be remembered as one of the greatest presidents that ever served this country because he served the people and he protected, defended our freedoms
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood with us, Lin a couple more minutes. One thing that is just a mind-boggling to me, two things, one, and I want to get back to Georgia for a second, where you live and where you file these suits. Number one, second recount state legislature, certain state senators, Brandon Beach, Steve Gooch will be with us, others have demanded that the signatures on the envelopes be matched so that we can see did people live in Georgia or are they authentic or are they real. We know the ballots and the envelopes have been disassociated, so you can’t determine what envelope in what ballot, everybody gets that, but if there’s a 5 or 6 or 7% rate of fraud or rate of ballots that are going to get thrown out, why wouldn’t you want to see that? Why is Raffensperger fighting that, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the machines, that’s just you send in a ballot. Right now, what we’re finding out is a lot of these ballots had commercial addresses, which is illegal, you have to have a home or residence. They had PO, but thousands of these, you understand had PO boxes, well, that’s illegal. You can’t have a PO box, you have to have an address. So, why don’t they take the time on this recount Raffensperger, and match the signatures with the envelopes? What is the problem with that?
    Lin Wood: The problem with that is that it will undermine Mr. Raffensperger freedom, because it’s going to show that Donald Trump won this election. That these votes were fraudulent, they cannot be counted. Georgia went for Donald Trump by a landslide, and when that happens, the next step is going to be to find out the answers to the question that you raise. Why in the world with the governor, a Republican, supported by President Trump, and Raffensperger, a Republican. Why in the world are these people not fighting for the President? Why are they not fighting for the citizens of Georgia to expose this fraud? Why don’t they call a special session with the Georgia legislature to investigate into this? The simple reason is they’re dirty. They know they’re going to be called. They took money, millions of dollars. Said that if the Biden administration ever went into a office, which it will never, maybe their hope is that won’t be investigated by the US attorney, but the problem is it’s going to be four more years of Donald Trump. I predict that they’re going to be US attorneys investigating and have already investigated and linked Mr. Raffensperger and the governor of this state to foreign money that they then used for their own agendas, and interfered with our election.
    I believe that Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger deserve to go to jail and to ultimately justice will prevail, and they will go to jail. We cannot tolerate individuals taking millions of dollars from foreign actors, and then willfully and knowingly interfering with our election process. This country cannot survive without re-elections. It is the foundation of a democracy as we have in this country. You can’t undermine our right to vote because the minute you do and you take away our right to elect our leaders, you have taken away our freedom. We’ve become a third world country like Venezuela. I don’t believe it’s ever going to happen to a country founded under God.
    John Fredericks: All right Lin Wood, final question, let me ask you this. Lay out for us this week, what you expect to happen with your suit, Sidney Powell’s suit in Georgia. Just lay out the expectations so we can track it, sir.
    Lin Wood: Well, with respect to the lawsuit that I have, the 11th circuit granted an emergency review, and the briefing will take place tomorrow. The secretary of state has to file a brief. We filed two days later, and then I believe the court will rule. I believe the court’s going to rule on the clear law that our — we’re relying on and the election is void and unlawful. If we don’t prevail in the 11th circuit, either way, it’s going to go up to the United States Supreme Court. I believe the United States Supreme Court is going to follow established law, and I’m going to win my case. With respect to the case that I’m working with is Sidney Powell brought, that was the subject matter of the rulings yesterday. That case is going to proceed through the inspection of these machines. There may be other motions filed in that case.
    I also know that at least one or two other lawsuits are going to be filed today. One by the President or ambassador of individual voters with respect to the irregularities in the election. The challenge date has to be the deadline is today, those are going to be filed. Lawsuits are being filed in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, the states where the fraud was obvious, and it impacted the election. So, it’s tough on the American public to have to wait. Everybody wants an answer.
    When you have this level of criminal activity and this level of fraud, give us some time. We’re building the evidence. The evidence is overwhelming, and in due time, the American public will know that our President was re-elected by a landslide. Our public is going to know the names, identities of the people who tried to interfere with it, working with foreign interest. As the Bible says, wait on the Lord. This is going to be resolved, and justice is going to be done, and accountability for the wrongdoers, it’s coming, it’s around the corner.
    John Fredericks: And you have said that you have met with Sidney Powell for days, and you have reviewed the evidence in detail and everything that she’s put in this. You have seen it and verified it. It is real.
    Lin Wood: It is real. I’ve seen it, I verified it, and the evidence keeps rolling in. You wouldn’t believe the thousands of emails that I’ve received, that Sydney has received from Georgia, from all over this country. American people were paying attention and there are a lot of Patriots in this country John. They’ve been reporting this fraud to us. We probably haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg, and what I’ve already seen makes up a mountain.
    I go back to what I said, Be patient. You’re not going to hear this from the mainstream media. They don’t want the public to know. They’re going to tell you that Biden is the president elect. That is a joke. You’re not the president elect until the electoral college votes or the other side concedes, and I’ve spoken with the President. He is never going to concede because he knows he won this election. If he had lost this election, Donald Trump would abide by the laws of the country and he would walk away from the White House, but we cannot allow that to happen because if we do, then we have thrown out the rule of law. We become a third world country. I don’t believe that the American Patriots are ever going to allow that to happen.
    John Fredericks So basically, a win for you is nullifying the certification of the election in Georgia, which then would lead to that happening in other states, and Biden can’t get to 270. Is that the way this plays out?
    Lin Wood: I think you’re going to find that there’s going to be legislatures around the country. They’re going to have to decide on their electorals because their elections were fraudulent and unlawful, and there’s not time for revote. There is a provision in the United States constitution. Our founding fathers were brilliant. They were inspired by God, and there’s a provision in our constitution. It actually provides for how our president is elected, and at the end of the day, it may have to go to Congress, where President Trump by virtue of the state legislatures holds a 26 to 23 advantage. That may be the mechanism we fall onto the constitution to get justice done, but that won’t be an election by 26 to 23, that’s going to be an election by 80 million to probably 60 million at best. I’m not sure that’s even accurate for Biden. President Trump won this election with a landslide victory that was of historic proportion. Maybe as much as 70+% to 30.
    The American public wasn’t fooled by the media charade and shenanigans that were the Biden campaign. People were watching, and I think that the bad actors that interfere with this election should have known better that they were never going to fool the American people. We love our country, and we love our President Donald J. Trump. He’s protected us, he’s going to preserve, defend, and protect our constitution. We’re not going to allow ourselves again, as I’ve said, we’re not going to allow ourselves to be like Venezuela. The country, by the way, that dominion originated, and before it was sold to Canada,
    China’s involved, you may even have involved with Iran. You’ve certainly got involvement overseas with servers in Barcelona and Frankfurt. You probably got overseas involvement with George Soros. Bill Gates is probably involved. There’s a list of people. Justice is coming their way. If I was Brian Kemp in Georgia and Brad Raffensperger, I wouldn’t be sleeping well at night.
    John Fredericks: John Fredericks Radio Network. Final question. I just got one listener has been begging me to ask you this. Kenneth Chespeak says, “Can you ask Lin Wood what happened to the crash server in Georgia? What was that about? Lin do you know anything about that? Or was it just more of the same?
    Lin Wood: I’ll say it’s more of the same because it’s the media reports one thing and then witnesses report another. We had the AP when the associated press starts get reporting something. Take what they say and look at it opposite, because they are liars. They reported it there was a server that crashed. Server crashed and then we found out from other eyewitnesses that the server was taken out of the room. So, I don’t know if it crashed and that’s whether it was stolen by these people to hide it.
    It’s tough to figure out right now who to trust. There are a lot of traitors in this country. The news media is a traitor. News media is going to be held accountable too, but there’s obviously now a problem with whether the Georgia election can even have a valid recount, because of the server crashing in Fulton County. Fulton County was a lightning rod for the frog that was obviously discovered way back from the story of the broken pipe that turned out to be a overflowing urinal, where they literally stopped counting, got a lot of votes brought in, and then without the Republican observers who had been told to go home, they sat there for three hours and manufactured votes for Biden.
    I don’t know when this story will ever fully be written, but it’s going to be a long running series to figure out and show exactly what all these people did. They’ve been caught and they’re going to jail, and President Trump’s going to go back to the White House.
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood, thank you. It will all going to come out because of Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and to be honest, I’m not just saying this for us, but media networks like myself, trying to bring the truth out. It’s really difficult to do this. I told you before, the positive ruling you got at 5:00 AM, I literally, to get a story on it had to go to an Australian Newspaper, unbelievable. The censorship Lin Wood, that’s going on, it’s frightening.
    Lin Wood: I’ll say this one last thing. You can probably tell from my voice, and I’m tired that there hasn’t been a lot of nights where there’s been much sleep, but this is important. This is our country. This is our freedom. Sidney Powell is going to be a hero and recognized as such one day. She already, I think, is.
    What you’re doing is as difficult from trying to get the truth out is what we’re doing to try to assemble the evidence of the truth, but what you’re doing and what certain members of the media are doing. The links you’re going to expose the truth of this public, to the public. You are going to be a hero too John because truth is going to prevail in this country. Truth will always prevail over a lie.
    Sidney Powell and I are trying to develop the evidence that proves the truth, and you’re doing a great job of getting that truth out to the American public. So, thank you for what you’re doing. Keep your nose to the grind. I’m going to do the best I can to keep mine to the grind, and let’s get this country back on track. God bless you for your efforts.
    John Fredericks: Lin Wood thank you. Thank you for all you do. Want to say also, I said earlier dominion energy, I of course I meant that Dominion voting machines. I just said that out of habit, so I apologize for that. Let me give that retraction. I want to thank Lin Wood for his time. He said, very little sleep, he spent an hour with us today, and this is at trying to give the truth out. That’s what we’re trying to do, and if you could help us out, go to my website,
    We’re doing a 10-day tour in Georgia. 10 cities in 10 days, trying to get the truth out. If you could help us out with a donation. Defray some of the expenses that are — this is very expensive too. We get our paper up and advertising in. It’s tough to do so we need your help. Go to I want to thank Lin Wood for being with us and for spending the time. I know he’s really tired so thank you Lin Wood. John Fredericks Radio Network.
    Video: A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is stunning!”

    A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is stunning!” –

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    They cheated and interfered from foreign countries.

    The Governors, Mayors, Districts, and swamp cheated getting payoffs from Dominion and Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bloomberg, Gates, Clinton's, etc. They are grifters. They accepted foreign interference in our elections through various means.

    The States cheated with all mail-out ballots flooding the country with millions of ballots.

    The States cheated mailing ballots to deceased people. They cheated sending ballots to places of business with no residents. They cheated sending ballots to Casinos.

    The States cheated mailing ballots to Nursing Homes.

    The State districts cheated with Sharpie-gate in several states, knowing those ballots would be rejected and not counted.

    They cheated back dating ballots and filling out damaged ballots.

    The States cheated "changing the rules" which they had no authorization to do so.

    The States election officials cheated by not rejecting ballots that were compromised or matched signatures. They cheated destroying evidence.

    They cheated running the same Biden ballots through the machines several times. If one "box" had 300 ballots but 900 votes for Biden...they ran those ballots through 3 times!

    The sewer rats cheated buying ballots from voters with cash and gift cards in Omar's district, to the Native Americans, and across the country to the homeless.

    They cheated and interfered from the top down to the bottom feeders in the States districts.

    They cheated across all levels that the bottom feeders did not know the cheating the top scumbags were doing to cheat.

    That is how Biden got all those dirty votes.

    One hand did not know what the other hand was it was all hands on deck cheating is why the numbers were so large. It was not a "tight" race with controlled cheating.

    Dominion cheated with the software weight-ratio against Trump and the Thumb Drives picking batches of Trump votes and dumping them to Biden.

    They cheated in the Postal Service and dumped ballots, or had pre-filled ballots, sent across state lines from NY to PA. NY and PA ballots have different names on them to vote down the ballot in those states.

    The Postal Service Union cheated by dumping our Military ballots in the dumpsters. That is a disgrace!

    There is no way in hell those ballots that were picked up in NY and driven to Harrisburg, PA...then when questioned by the driver...were then transported to Lancaster, PA and dropped overnight were not fraudulent!

    These semi-trucks have GPS tracking. TRACK who picked that load up, who the driver was, and where the NY freight of ballots ended up being delivered to...back to Harrisburg or to Philadelphia?

    Who sent thousands of PA blank ballots to NY to be filled out in someone's basement, only to be returned to PA. Surely the Postal Service Union was complicit in this Felony mail fraud. That is a serious charge.

    How many truckloads of ballots were delivered this way and were not caught?

    A full audit and investigation of CA, OR, WA, NM, VA, NY, NJ, DE, and ME needs to be done. Even after Trump is legally declared the winner.

    We must NEVER allow this to happen in our country again and no one should get away with this.

    The damage these rotten vile human beings have done to the integrity of our elections, the honor of our country, is astronomical. Not only from the cash payoffs to the Governors and government officials, but from Soros, and all foreign entities who were involved...CHINA.

    This is a pre-meditated, planned out, Coup, Sedition, and Treason. These are serious charges. Every one of these people...hundreds...who were involved in this need to be in prison.

    The biggest offenders need to be charged with Treason and receive the death penalty at sunrise. We cannot allow these despots to destroy our States, our Country, or the rest of the World. This is NWO, it must be stopped, now.

    Look at Cuba, Venezuela, they cheat to win. They have destroyed and decimated their countries. They have caused massive poverty, mass illegal migration, starving, death, no medical supplies, no stores for supplies, disease, no way to earn a living and despair.

    What these rotten people have done for their own money and power has spilled out across the world. It has spilled over OUR border and has done great harm to the American people. All these illegal aliens need to be sent back home and those Dictators need to be taken out.

    They must pay for this.

    I am so disgusted, angry, sad, depressed, pissed off, deflated, sick to my stomach, and full of despair with worry, and embarrassed for my country, if they do not rectify this, charge all involved with Treason, lock them up in prison, and stop the steal.

    On the other hand, I am proud, hopeful, and elated that all those fine Patriots have come forward with their Affidavit's and testimonies putting their safety on the line standing up as proud American's defending our precious right to vote that it brings tears to my eyes.

    Watching the anguish on these people faces as they are testifying is heart breaking. Many of them carried this grief for several weeks, day in and day out, countless sleepless nights. Many of them worried about who to report this to, what to do, and then those they did report it to told them to shut up or turned them away!

    Thank God for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, and all who stepped up the the plate to take this on. Protect them, keep them safe, keep them well and healthy.

    One legal person, one legal vote. That is who we are as a country. We are not lying cheats! Shame on these people, you are scum.

    This rotten swamp is so deep, they have lost their moral compass, they have lost their way, the are drunk with power and money and will stop at nothing to line their pockets at our expense.

    They have allowed open borders, sanctuary cities, illegal aliens to come here by the millions and murder us, steal from us, bankrupt us, destroy our neighborhoods, and have become lawless corrupt snakes for their cheap labor.

    They are complicit in human trafficking, slave labor, and USE people for their own selfish reasons. They have thrown the American people under the bus.

    They have A LOT of damn nerve having "concern" for Chinese human rights and human rights around the world...when they themselves are doing the same damn thing with illegal aliens coming over our border!

    We do not want Amnesty, we do not want refugees, we do not want TPS, we do not want DACA, we do not want their anchor babies, we want No Path to Stay! They are not U.S. citizens. We want the rule of law and order restored to our country.

    All those who pissed on our right to vote...I hope they track you down, like the rabid cheating dogs you are, even if it takes two years to do it and Justice will be served.

    Every State needs to be fully investigated. Every person who cheated must never be permitted to vote in any election again.

    I hope Trump starts FIRING every one of these lying cheats in our government offices and start doing it now. Clean house, fire as many as you can. Drain that putrid swamp for good.

    We need less people in government. We need to make this right for the American people. Poke a hole in the bloated government costing us millions of our taxpayer dollars full of waste, fraud, and abuse of OUR money that we work hard for.

    We need bring pride, integrity, hard work, morals, responsibility, law and order back to our country and we had damn well better get it done fast.

    TRUMP / PENCE 2020

    Last edited by Beezer; 12-03-2020 at 09:11 AM.
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