Baby boy in New Zealand needs heart transplant with clean, unvaccinated blood but hospital won’t comply – You can help at

Wednesday, December 07, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) A young boy in desperate need of heart surgery is being left untreated as the hospital tasked with performing the procedure refuses to give the child strictly unvaccinated donor blood as requested by his parents.
Will Savage-Reeves of New Zealand has pulmonary valve stenosis that requires immediate attention. Parents Samantha (Sam) and Cole are insistent that their little boy receive only pure blood from unvaccinated donors, but Starship Children’s Health Hospital is not cooperating.
The hospital insists that any blood will do, despite mounting evidence that the contents of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” enter the bloodstream and contaminate it. (Related: Unvaccinated blood is in high demand all around the world.)
Young Will would have, and should have, already received the procedure, had Starship Children’s Health Hospital simply complied. Instead, hospital administrators are fighting his parents on the matter, prompting a hearing scheduled to take place on Dec. 6 in Auckland.
“The administrators of Starship Children’s Health Hospital insist that blood from a standard blood bank be used,” reports James Roguski on his Substack blog.
“They refuse to honor Samantha and Cole’s (Will’s parents) demand for blood from the dedicated (unjabbed) donors that they have already organized. Dedicated blood CAN be used. Starship Children’s Health Hospital simply won’t use it. The hospital insists upon using standard blood that is available from a blood bank.”
Starship Children’s Health Hospital says it tests all blood for “safety” using fraudulent PCR testing protocol

Officials at Starship Children’s Health Hospital claim that all blood, regardless of vaccination status, is safe because it is tested using RT-PCR testing swabs. But for how many cycles are these tests run?
As we reported, PCR testing cycles make all the difference when it comes to showing a “positive” or “negative” test result. The higher the number of cycles, the greater the chance of a “positive” test result.
With that in mind, it is possible that Starship Children’s Health Hospital is tuning its PCR tests with a lower number of cycles to produce more “negative” results before then declaring the “tested” blood to be “safe”?
“For how many cycles does New Zealand Blood Services run the RT-PCR after they swab each batch of donated blood to ensure that it is SAFE? (This is a trick question!)” Roguski asks.
“Do they test every bit of donated blood for COVID-19? New Zealand Blood Service CLAIMS that they owe a great debt to those people who volunteer to donate blood. So why are they rejecting donations from generous donors in the case of Baby Will?????”
Had Starship Children’s Health Hospital simply complied with the wishes of Will’s parents, his surgery would already be completed and the facility would not have made global headlines for all the wrong reasons. Because of the scandal, however, the world is now aware of the risk of tainted blood.
Will’s parents have set up the website to help bring more attention to the matter, which will hopefully convince Starship Children’s Health Hospital to do the right thing. There is a host of information at that link about the situation, including ways you can help support the cause of saving baby Will’s precious life.
“May God grant Will’s parents’ prayers,” one commenter wrote. “May Will be granted a life-preserving, healthful outcome. May God bless the orchestrators of this Baby Will marathon broadcast. Godspeed to all.”
Another added that unless this problem in New Zealand is dealt with immediately, the rest of the world can expect similar mistreatment in the near future.
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Baby boy in New Zealand needs heart transplant with clean, unvaccinated blood but hospital won’t comply – You can help at –