Bait and switch
Americans now the target
of Homeland Security

There are no mistakes
This was broadcast in 2009.

"I hope this was a mistake."

"We're going to take Nepolitano to task."

Yeah, right. And here it is a year later and the same BS is emanating from the Department of Homeland Security.

Those (former?) CIA operatives who supposedly attacked the World Trade Center?

No longer a threat - so we're in Afghanistan slaughtering innocents and spending billions.

Now the threat is domestic terrorists. "Domestic terrorism is on the rise."


Yes, really.

Apparently if you have a political opinion that's in opposition to the Obama administration - on immigration, on Wall Street bailouts, on the 2nd Amendment, on the war(s) etc. - then you are an "extremist" and if you're an extremist than heck, you're practically a terrorist.

As predicted by Brasscheck in 2001, the Department of Homeland Security and all the "law" that supports it was designed not to protect Americans from "terrorists" but to protect politicians from Americans.

A reminder of how out-of-control
Homeland Security was and still is.

NSA total surveillance + idiots at
Homeland Security + cowboy SWAT

A recipe for disaster.

- Brasscheck

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Never forget what these offensive politicians have passed against us with their so called illegal agencies..Look at the date this was put out. This was under nappytano's watch!!!! What is in store for us with this Yellen????? Wake up and pay attention!!!!!!