Beforeitsnews Is Being Censored By Internet ‘Police’ & Social Media Websites

Monday, May 27, 2013 7:48

(Before It's News)
Why are large internet security companies such as McAfee blocking stories on Beforeitsnews and labeling them as ‘malware’? Beforeitsnews has been made aware several times by a number of different people that our most ‘sensitive’ articles are being blocked on an increasing basis, by internet security firms as well as some of the biggest social networks in the world, namely Facebook. What is it about stories on Beforeitsnews do they NOT WANT getting out to the world? Facebook also was censoring posts critical of Monsanto and GMO’d crops featuring children in pictures! A very popular YouTube channel, DutchSinse, was also recently censored by Facebook as shared in the video below. A Beforeitsnews reader recently wrote us.:

Hello, I wrote earlier that my McAfee was blocking your articles when
I went on the links.
I have more info regarding this on my end-someone going to your links.
I tested the topic and my McAfee only pops up and blocks those Hot
Topics anything related to the government current issues and the
present administration ie UN21 article in this email and all of the
topics related to death of seal team in Va exercise. I could go into
any of the others including the pics and article on the moving of
(newly made) military vehicles which I believe are probably since not
spray painted and are mostly the tan desert type is just being
transported out of the assembly line in Ca. I thought I would follow
up there is evidently a marker of some type (not computer expert) that
is tagging your most sensitive articles so those pulling up the
articles on our end are being blocked by our security.
I also went on your web site and the same thing is happening there
when I go to read sensitive articles. McAfee blocker pops and I
cannot go back to it.
Best to You and Thank You for Your Great Newspaper!

The story screenshot below of a Beforeitsnews story on ‘gun restrictions’ and ‘traitors’ is a perfect example of what Beforeitsnews has been going through; why in the world are these companies labeling these perfectly ‘clean’ stories as malware and attack pages?