Biden’s 2024 Title IX revisions will CRIMINALIZE students who “misgender” LGBTQ classmates… you will be REQUIRED to voice support for delusional fictions or go to jail

02/27/2024 // Ethan Huff // 780 Views

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The Biden regime has proposed revisions to America's Title IX rules that would make it a crime for underage school children to "misgender" their LGBTQ classmates.You may recall that back in 2022, 8th grade boys at a public school in Kiel, Wisc., were formally charged with sexual assault after they were caught not using "they, them" pronouns when referencing a "non-binary" classmate. The charges were ultimately dropped under the old Title IX rules, but the Biden regime is attempting to change all that in 2024.
If Biden gets his way, these same boys, had they not used "they, them" pronouns in 2024 instead of in 2022, would receive sexual harassment charges for the "crime" of misgendering a "non-binary" peer – and the charges would stick, we are told.
Biden's revisions to Title IX are not yet set in stone, which is why parents all across America are urged to speak out against them before it is too late. Biden's proposed changes include:

  • Forcing students to use non-binary pronouns in reference to their LGBTQ peers
  • Curtail the Equal Protection Clause (EPC)
  • Making biological women and girls feel less safe and more vulnerable to assault
  • Unfairly force girls to compete with biological males in sports

"What folks need to realize is that Kiel, Wisconsin is a small town of 3,800 residents," warned an X account about the matter. "61% of residents vote Republican. @POTUS would call it Ultra-MAGA."
(Related: Last summer, Biden's education department unveiled a "Pride" seminar for children to teach them how to take puberty-blocking pharmaceuticals and mutilate their bodies with gender reconstruction surgery.)
Conservatives under attack

Keep in mind that these Title IX revisions under Biden are a long time coming. "The big guy" promised them while on the campaign trail, and transgenders everywhere are eager to see him fulfill his promise.
As of yet, Biden has not signed the revisions, so there is still time for conservative Americans, as well as liberal Americans who see this type of thing as insanity, to make their voices heard in opposition to the changes.
"The Ministry of Truth is targeting conservative families," warns political scientist and grassroots activist Scarlett Johnson of the @scarlett4kids X account. "Telling the truth is more important than being inclusive."
Johnson is a Wisconsin resident, by the way, so she is directly involved in the goings on there, having witnessed first-hand the nightmare that swept Kiel two years ago.
Much of this insanity is coming from proud transgender "Admiral Rachel" Levine, Biden's Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Levine not only wants to change public schools but also medical schools to be more "inclusive."
Johnson shared a post from Christopher F. Rufo about so-called "Cluster B Society," which refers to the upside-down LGBTQ-promoting society that is rapidly taking over America.
"Transgender individuals are 30 times more likely to suffer from Cluster B personality disorders compared w / the baseline population ... more than 50% of mothers w / gender-dysphoric boys suffer from borderline personality disorder themselves," reads a portion of that post.
Johnson also routinely speaks out against the drag queen trend, warning that nothing about drag is family-friendly as the bizarre sexual fetish is a twisted form of kink on a whole different level.
"Drag culture should not be celebrated by families and children in any Wisconsin festivals this summer!" she tweeted. "Drag storytime should not be in K-12 schools. Drag queens should not be in public libraries reading to little kids. Drag isn't normal for kids!"
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Biden’s 2024 Title IX revisions will CRIMINALIZE students who “misgender” LGBTQ classmates… you will be REQUIRED to voice support for delusional fictions or go to jail –