Bidenís Approval With Hispanics Crumbles

By PRSTAFF - May 19, 2022

Americans donít approve of the job Biden has done as President.
His current average approval in Real Clear Politics is 41%.
His approval among just Hispanic voters is even worse. His current approval rating with Hispanics is 26% according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

From Fox News:

President Bidenís approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plummeted to 26%, according to a Wednesday poll from Quinnipiac University.
Biden is less popular among Hispanics than any other demographic, including age and gender ,the poll found. The same Quinnipiac poll conducted last year put Hispanic support for Biden at 55%.
Young Americans and White men also have low approvals for Biden, at 27% and 29% respectively.

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Biden's Approval With Hispanics Crumbles (