EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Friends in Ukraine Include the Neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” Known for Brutal Attacks on Immigrants, Gypsies and Transvestites (VIDEO – Warning Violent)

By Joe Hoft
Published February 20, 2022 at 9:35am

Biden’s friends in Ukraine include some very bad people. One group is the Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi group associated with violent atrocities against immigrants, gypsies and transvestites in Ukraine.

This past week, NBC reported on the efforts of Ukraine to prepare for a Russian invasion.

In a news broadcast Monday evening, NBC’s chief foreign policy correspondent Richard Engel told viewers how “some communities” in Ukraine are preparing for a war with Russia by “taking matters into their own hands.”
The report showed Ukrainian soldiers delivering “basic training for the whole family,” “first aid” and “weapons training” to a small group of Mariupol residents, including children and the elderly. One of them, 79-year-old Valentyna Konstantynovska, wielding an AK-47, was made the face of “Ukrainian resistance” by the world’s newspapers.

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Engel left out of his account the fact that the military formation providing Konstantynovska’s training was the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, clearly identifiable by its Wolfsangel insignia used by Hitler’s SS in the Second World War.
The concealed promotion of fascist militias says more about the US-led war drive against Russia over Ukraine than a hundred lying press conferences. Any conflict would not be a war for “democracy” or “self-determination” but a bloodbath of the Russian and Ukrainian working class, designed to dismantle Russia. Far-right forces built up over years with US support would be centrally involved.

David North
Feb 15, 2022

NBC correspondent Richard Engel spent his day in Mariupol, Ukraine, glorifying the exploits of the hard-core Nazi Azov Brigade. The section of the segment hyping the Ukrainian Nazis begins at 1:40. 1/

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David North

Engel never identifies the paramilitary forces as members of the Azov Brigade. He does not care to share this information with the American audience. But the Azov Brigade insignia on their armbands - inspired by Himmler's SS - establishes their identity. 2/

12:49 AM · Feb 15, 2022

The Obama/Biden Administration is friends of the neo-Nazi group the Azov Brigade. They recognized them in the US Embassy in Ukraine in 2014.

This neo-Nazi group is connected to a former leader of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. They have rallied in the streets of Kiev and raised their Nazi flags. One scary violent member is Maxim Yarosh.

Yarosh was on the same flight as Poroshenko from South America to Europe. Yarosh gets his kicks out of assaulting immigrants, gypsies and transvestites in Ukraine. He has filmed himself during his assaults and takes pride in beating these innocents. This is who Biden supports in Ukraine.

Here is a video showing Maxim Yarosh assaulting a woman in Ukraine starting at the 2:40 mark (WARNING VIOLENT).

Video Ukraine neo-Nazi Maxim Yarosh Violently Attacking Woman in Ukraine (rumble.com)

Ukrainian neo-Nazis were also identified at the US Capitol on Jan 6. These individuals have never been discussed or subpoenaed by the corrupt Jan 6 investigation. They should be on the top of the list.

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The Gateway Pundit

Biden’s associates in Ukraine include violent neo-Nazis. What is the real reason for Biden’s actions in Ukraine?

EXCLUSIVE: Biden's Friends in Ukraine Include the Neo-Nazi "Azov Battalion" Known for Brutal Attacks on Immigrants, Gypsies and Transvestites (VIDEO - Warning Violent) (thegatewaypundit.com)