Biden accused of plotting to declare climate emergency to boost his sagging polling numbers

04/30/2024 // Laura Harris // 760 Views

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An American political activist and author recently accused President Joe Biden of considering declaring a "climate emergency" as his term winds down, with former President Donald Trump leading in major polls.Political commentator and the Daily Wire columnist and podcast host Matt Walsh recently wrote an op-ed for the website titled "The Government Is Gearing Up To Declare A 'Climate Emergency,' Which Will Wipe Out What’s Left Of Our Freedoms," wherein he discussed that since Biden's inauguration, the government has discussed the possibility of officially declaring a climate emergency. But despite the persistent pressure, Biden has not yet taken any definitive action even though the president does support the idea.
In turn, Walsh wrote that a climate emergency is not really an emergency.
"The very fact that you have to deliberate for three years about whether something is an emergency would seem to indicate that it is not. So this is the most important point: There is not, in fact, a climate emergency and everyone pushing this hysteria understands that very well. But they will never stop pretending this is an urgent crisis, because the moment they do that, they lose some measure of control over our lives," Walsh wrote. (Related: Energy industry chief says he could see Biden seizing control by declaring “climate emergency.”)
But discussions regarding a climate emergency declaration did not re-emerge until major polls started shooting that Trump is leading over Biden. In other words, Walsh said that Biden sees an "emergency climate declaration as a potential nuclear option to deploy when they get really desperate."
The White House has refused to comment on the recent discussions. In an emailed statement, White House spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez claimed that Biden's existing policies have already "delivered on the most ambitious climate agenda in history."
"President Biden has treated the climate crisis as an emergency since day one and will continue to build a clean energy future that … makes our economy the envy of the world and prioritizes communities that for too long have been left behind," said Hernandez.
Climate emergency declaration could give Biden sweeping powers

Biden's potential to declare a climate emergency first came to light in 2022 following the breakdown in negotiations on broad, clean energy legislation, which threatened to stall the president's climate agenda. But the idea was shelved after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.
The potential powers that could be unlocked by declaring a climate emergency include the ability to ban crude oil exports, halt new drilling projects on federal lands and impose restrictions on overseas investments in fossil fuels.
Media reports suggest that the White House is seriously considering the declaration, with ongoing discussions about its potential impact on the economy and energy sector.
"But the truth is, once it declares a national emergency, the federal government can pretty much do what it wants. The courts give the alleged 'experts' vast and completely undeserved deference. There are no guardrails in a national emergency. Everyone knows that after experiencing the COVID lockdowns (which, of course, were the pretext to the coming climate emergency). There were never any consequences for those lockdowns or mandates," Walsh argued.
"There hasn’t really been any reckoning with the destruction those policies wrought on our lives. There’s been no accountability. Nobody even seems interested in talking about it. So now they’re doing it again. And make no mistake: If they can force the entire country to stay at home because of a virus – including young people, who are at virtually no risk from that virus – then they can absolutely restrict every single one of your freedoms in the name of 'saving the climate.'"
Listen to the Health Ranger Mike Adams talking about Biden's declaration of a "secret climate emergency" and invocation of military rule.

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