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Biden presidency makes Balkanites of us all

By Julia Gorin -
Friday, February 19, 2021

One could say the Jan. 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol and resulting impeachment and acquittal of Donald Trump were the culmination of the tumultuous year that was 2020 — chaotic by definition as a Year of the Rat.

In the previous rat year of 2008, something similar happened in a country that was the proving ground for much of what’s been happening here, not incidentally because of our meddling in its affairs. The country was Serbia, the capital Belgrade, and the building breached — the U.S. embassy. Torched, to be exact.

Wherefore such animosity, the Western overlords pretended to wonder after pulling a fast one in Kosovo, handing the Serbian birthplace to our Albanian clients’ Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

About 150,000 Serbs protested peacefully, but “Masked attackers broke into the U.S. compound and tried to throw furniture from an office,” The Associated Press reported. “A blaze broke out inside one of the offices and parts of the facade also caught fire.” One person died. A rioter.

Fast forward a 12-year lunar calendar cycle to Ashli Babbitt and three other Capitol protesters making up four of the five dead, and see the same befuddlement by Democratic lawmakers, media, intel, voters and governors — all feigning innocence and outrage at the incursion, after pulling a fast one with an unheard-of universal mail-in election that would make it impossible to ever know who really won in 2020.

The fix was in for “the proper outcome,” as a much-talked-about Time article this month put it, admitting to a powerful cross-industry “shadow effort” to “protect” the election by getting states to “change voting system laws”; “training” secretaries of state on which machine vendors to use; organizing “information” campaigns about election results; threatening election officials to certify the vote; pressuring social media platforms for “more rigorous rules and enforcement”; and calling any challenge to the count in places like Detroit “racist.”

The fix was in as well for the 2008 capitulation which outraged Serbs didn’t know how to fight other than to protest and get out of hand. That one featured a Washington-staged “negotiations” waltz between Kosovo and Serbia throughout 2007, the result predetermined to arrive at the proper outcome of independence. “The Western powers had told the Albanians in Kosovo in advance that their independence would be recognized when they proclaimed it,” British author John Laughland wrote at the time.

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