Biden support in swing states Michigan and Nevada PLUMMETS along with his approval rating

12/27/2023 // Arsenio Toledo // 1.8K Views

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A recently published investigation from the Cook Political Report has shifted Michigan and Nevada toward voting for Republicans in the 2024 election amid President Joe Biden's weakening approval ratings and head-to-head polling numbers against former President Donald Trump.
The Cook Political Report notes that Biden's approval rating now stands at just 39 percent according to the latest polling averages published by FiveThirtyEight. The report argues that these "unimpressive" figures make it "hard to justify keeping two battleground states – Nevada and Michigan – in the Lean Democrat column." (Related: Poll: Trump LEADS Biden in five key swing states – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina.)
Nevada and Michigan are now just one step closer to joining other crucial swing states Arizona, Georgia, Pennslyvania and Wisconsin, the four of whom are categorized as "toss up" states for next year's presidential elections.
According to Cook Political Report Editor-in-Chief Amy Walter, in Nevada, Biden's "weak standing with Latino and younger voters has outsized repercussions.
Meanwhile, in Michigan, Biden is expected to have a significantly more uphill battle with the state's younger voters and its significant Arab American population due to his position on unconditionally supporting Israel.
"These voters make up something like two to three percent of the vote in the state and have been voting Democratic," noted Walter, warning that these voters may not vote at all if they remain unsatisfied with Biden.
Biden camp downplaying poor polling

Biden's campaign team has largely ignored the lackluster polling coming out just a year away from Election Day.
In one recent statement during a campaign fundraiser in Bethesda, Maryland, Biden rebuffed a survey by the New York Times and Siena College found that Trump would beat Biden in a general election. Other recent surveys are reporting similar results.
But instead of addressing the issues presented in these polls, Biden is instead highlighting the other, fewer, polls showing him narrowly winning before saying it is still too early to tell.
"Doesn't mean a lot right now, in my opinion," said Biden of the polling.
But in closed-door meetings with his aides, Biden appears to be panicking. According to one campaign staffer, shortly before Thanksgiving, Biden asked about his low polling numbers and grumbled about how his economic messaging was not boosting his standing with the American public despite claims of continued job growth and lowering unemployment numbers.
The situation has gotten so bad that even First Lady Jill Biden chimed in during the meeting to express her frustration about the president's polling numbers.
According to the New York Times/Siena poll, 62 percent of voters in six of the most important swing states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – described the economy under Biden as either "fair" or "poor."
Other national polls taken since the summer have shown Biden tied with Trump, falling behind the former president or only with a very small lead against him despite Biden attempting to hammer Trump over his legal problems and rhetoric.
According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden's approval rating is currently averaging at 39 percent, with 55.3 percent disapproving of his job performance.
Other recent swing state polls show Trump pulling ahead of Biden in certain states. This has caused concern among Democrats who fear Biden's lackluster polling could threaten down-ballot races, especially as the Democrats look to not only retain control of the Senate but also flip the House.
Watch this clip from One America News speculating on whether Biden will try to cancel the 2024 election.

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Biden support in swing states Michigan and Nevada PLUMMETS along with his approval rating –