Biden wants to redirect U.S. Army funding to UKRAINE

03/08/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.2K Views

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Welfare queen Volodymyr Zelensky wants even more money from the United States, and President Biden plans to give it to him by siphoning cash from the U.S. Army.
The latest reports suggest that Biden is strongly considering tapping the U.S. Army budget to refill the coffers of Kiev, which is losing badly at the hands of Russia and its special military operation.
Though a final decision on the matter has yet to be made, sources close to the decision-makers say the amount sought by the White House is around $200 million, which is just a fraction of the $61 billion in additional aid that Biden is begging Congress to send to Ukraine.
In his State of the Union address, Biden, as planned, urged Congress to approve more cash-money for Zelensky, arguing that the actor and exotic dancer needs it to stave off Vladimir Putin.
Thus far, Republicans are refusing to back Biden's bill. What they want in exchange for supporting the $61 billion aid package to Ukraine is stronger measures to close the southern border.
The holdup comes at the worst possible time for Ukraine, which is now having to retreat from several key positions in the Donbass in recent weeks. Zelensky is also complaining about ammunition and other equipment shortages that he blames for his military's continued losses in the fight against Russia.
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China pushing Ukraine peace talks

Meanwhile, the communist dictatorship of China is pushing for a peace deal in Ukraine, led by its special representative for Eurasian affairs, Li Hui.
The Chinese diplomat is taking a trip to Europe during which he plans to "test the water" on whether the current mood in Ukraine is favorable towards a political settlement, which China has been pushing since last year.
"China believes that the geopolitical landscape is changing, and that the so-called peace negotiations are more likely," said Yuri Poita, head of the Ukrainian Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies, a think tank.
It is likely that Li will pitch the idea of communist China being the mediator in upcoming peace talks between Kiev and Moscow, though Poita doubts that the effort will be well received due to China's close trade ties with Russia.
On the other hand, Kiev could be agreeable to the proposal "because China is the only country who is welcome in Moscow and Kiev at the same time," said Vita Glood from the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists.
The European Union (EU) is expected to be agreeable to the peace talks as well, seeing as how its influence continues to grow among the developed nations of the Global South, as they call it.
"If China's involved in talks like the ones in Jeddah that are more directed at the Global South, this also kind of legitimizes Kiev's position among those countries that are not fully in the Western camp," commented Jakub Jakobowski, deputy head of the Center for Eastern Studies, a think tank in Poland.
Last year, Xi Jinping, China's president, proposed a 12-point plan to stop the fighting in Ukraine. Xi called for a ceasefire and peace talks, as well as a halt to all anti-Russia sanctions.
"Are the American people really as dumb as they appear, having no say in the psychopathic lengths their government is willing to go?" asked a commenter at RT concerning Biden's plan to redirect U.S. Army funding to Ukraine.
"Are they so apathetic to the point of complicity that they are literally amoral? It sure looks like it."
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